August 24, 2023

A Billion Reasons to Choose Cellusys

Over a billion mobile subscribers and millions more IoT devices now benefit from software that improves roaming quality and protects subscribers from cyber attacks across all generations of mobile network technologies. 

Mobile subscribers the world over are demanding higher-quality roaming experiences and increased protection from fraud and cybercrime. Cellusys, a pioneer in interconnect signalling technologies, has reached a monumental milestone, serving over 1 billion mobile subscribers worldwide with their award-winning roaming, fraud, and security solutions.

Enhancing Roaming Quality 

Roaming has long been a challenge for mobile operators and subscribers alike. The frustrations of dropped calls, delayed messages, and patchy data connections have plagued travellers for years. Cellusys’ innovative technologies ensure that subscribers can seamlessly attach to a partner network, call, message, and access data no matter where they are in the world. Their roaming solutions span all generations of mobile network technologies, from 2G to 5G, providing a consistent and reliable experience. 

VoLTE Quality

As VoLTE roaming comes over the horizon, many operators struggle to ensure quality to outbound VoLTE roamers as they are unable to monitor quality over GTP protocols. Cellusys offers roaming and analytics solutions that allow operators to identify and steer VoLTE handsets to VoLTE networks, as well as to monitor the quality of the connection after the subscriber attaches to the network. 

Protection from Cyberattacks and Fraud

In an age where cyber threats loom large, Cellusys has taken a proactive stance in safeguarding mobile subscribers. Their security and anti-fraud technologies act as a fortified shield, fending off cyber attacks such as SMS and voice phishing, and man in the middle attacks that target subscribers’ personal and sensitive information such as location and SMS content. This ensures that mobile users can enjoy their digital lives without fear of becoming victims of cybercrime that exploits vulnerabilities in older signalling protocols SS7 and Diameter as well as newer protocols SIP and GTP

Mutual Benefits for Subscribers and Networks

The impact of Cellusys technologies extends beyond subscriber satisfaction. Mobile network operators stand to gain significantly from their offerings. By providing enhanced roaming experiences and robust security measures, operators can reduce subscriber churn rates. Subscribers who can maintain connectivity while travelling, and receive fewer smishing messages and robocalls are more likely to remain loyal to their service providers, resulting in greater customer retention and profitability. Cellusys technologies also provide real time business intelligence which allows operators to increase margins, increase efficiency, and provide enhanced customer service. 

The IoT Paradigm Shift

As the world hurtles towards an era dominated by the Internet of Things (IoT), the ratio of subscribers to IoT devices in network traffic is undergoing a profound transformation. The prevalence of roaming IoT devices became evident to many operators amidst the pandemic when subscriber roaming diminished significantly. Already providing roaming and security solutions to several IoT MVNOs, and over 25 million IoT devices, Cellusys is ready to empower operators in navigating the complexities of IoT connectivity such as increased reliance on sponsored roaming, permanent roaming, and IoT device detection and steering. 

Partnerships: The Key to Continued Growth

The journey to serving over 1 billion mobile subscribers has been fueled by strategic partnerships with operator groups and IPX providers such as Telenor Group, MTN Group, Comfone, Arelion, BICS, iBasis, and TNS. Looking ahead, these partnerships will prove critical in driving further growth and reaching new operators and subscribers. With current integrations in-progress alone, Cellusys is on track to serve another 56 million subscribers by the end of this year, and is already looking forward to the second billion.

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August 24, 2023