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Cellusys, a growing telecommunication solutions provider, is open to forming strategic alliances with first-class partners worldwide.

We currently have partnerships with the following companies:

Supports more hardware platforms

Cellusys solutions do not depend on specific hardware equipment and run on commercial servers. Partnering with AMD enables us to support more hardware platforms and gives our clients more choices in selecting their desired servers.

Provides greater mobile protection

AVG and Cellusys partnership integrates AVG LinkScanner® technology into Cellusys SMS Defence, to provide even greater mobile protection. AVG LinkScanner provides preventative real-time protection against online threats by identifying infected sites and initiating protective measures before a possible attack.

Helps provide Tier 1 service

Dell’s OEM Solution helps businesses go to market more efficiently by building Dell’s hardware, software and services into their own solutions. Dell OEM has the breadth to help securely manage and support solutions around the world. Dell manufactures Cellusys machines, enabling us to give our customers a Tier 1 service.

Improving mobile subscribers experience

Working together we improve mobile subscribers experience when they roam outside their home network.

Supplies end-to-end telco solutions

Kapsch is a global system integrator and supplier of end-to-end telco solutions for mobile carriers. Leveraging the technical ability of Cellusys with the customer management expertise of Kapsch has proven to be highly advantageous to both Kapsch and Cellusys as well as our many satisfied customers.

Provides expertise on SMS Business

MADA is a telecommunications provider offering high-quality international voice, wireless broadband, SMS and communications network services to mobile operators around the world. The strategic partnership is based on Mada expertise in SMS Business and Cellusys Expertise in SMS Firewall.

Provides global communications solutions

PCCW Global supports a portfolio of integrated global communications solutions including Ethernet, IP and fibre solutions, VoIPX services and managed services. Cellusys solutions complement the PCCW Global offering, and through a strategic partnership, we enable PCCW to implement and manage services in the domains of security and roaming.

Helps detect and prevent attacks

We work jointly to provide a comprehensive security solution to detect and prevent attacks on SS7 and Diameter signalling networks. Together we protect your network and your subscribers to assure revenue streams are not negatively impacted by these threats.

Leading vendor of DPI software

Partnering with Rohde & Schwarz Cyber- security, a leading vendor of Deep Packet Inspection software and solutions enables Cellusys to add network visibility for thousands of protocols in its Mobile Broadband Solutions. Over 95% of all IP network traffic including encrypted traffic can be detected by the joint solution.

Offers OTA platform for hybrid steering

Cellusys’ Steering solution offers hybrid steering to provides the flexibility to use different steering strategies in different circumstances. We use Scicap OTA platform as a complementary product to mix both Signalling Steering and OTA Steering to deliver the best results.

Combines cost-efficient solutions with fast ROI

As Tier 1 companies within our respective domains, twilio (A2P SMS Managed Services and Monetization) and Cellusys (SMS Filter and Firewalls) deliver world-class services to mobile operators. By combining two specialised best of breed suppliers we can offer the market’s most cost-efficient solutions with a very fast ROI.

Helps deliver new content filtering solution

We work together to increase network security and accelerate monetization of A2P messaging. Our partnership delivers a new content filtering solution with configurable rules that enables operators to control incoming A2P traffic and protect the mobile network from threats such as grey routes, spam, flooding, etc.


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Cellusys provides comprehensive roaming and security solutions for mobile operators. Our solutions incorporate the latest in advanced technologies to provide superior functionality and easy maintenance together.
We are looking forward to partnership with companies committed to delivering state-of-the-art solutions to the telecom operators worldwide.

If you are interested in exploring a partnership please fill out the form below and a Cellusys representative will contact you.