April 28, 2023

The 2023 ROCCO Reviews are IN

Top Tier Talent

ROCCO Research analyses vendors in the telecom industry and has grown from 2012 to offer detailed reports on Roaming, Messaging, and Security with information compiled from hundreds of MNOs industry peers. Cellusys has been a perennial figure in the top tier rankings of various reports, and this year Cellusys has received accolades as a Top 10 Vendor in the overall industry and the #1 Vendor of Signalling Firewall.

Top 10 Vendor to Watch

ROCCO themselves said, “Cellusys is one of the few vendors to have appeared in ROCCO’s vendor benchmarking reports consistently. This not only shows that they have a wide product range. It also shows that Cellusys’ customers have a very good perception of their performance. For example, MNOs have praised Cellusys’ technical support for signalling firewalls and threat protection in their SMS firewall. In addition, Cellusys is the only vendor to excel in both the Fraud & Security and Roaming & Interconnect Leadership models due to its performance in Steering of Roaming.”

#1 Signalling Firewall Vendor

In their 2023 Signalling Firewall Market Impact Report, ROCCO Research has named Cellusys as the #1 Vendor in the industry. For over 10 years, ROCCO has polled Mobile Network Operators across the globe to get the most accurate, unbiased snapshot of the telecom industry.

“We are very to proud to be recognized as the number one most trusted, reliable, and simple to work with Signalling Firewall vendor as this reflects our commitment to creating an uncomplicated customer experience” – Bonnie Kimmel, Cellusys Marketing Director

Of the 27 competing security vendors, only 4 were recognized in the top tier, and Cellusys had the highest ratings overall as well as for Leadership and Performance. Cellusys was highlighted for its visibility in the industry due to Cellusys’ position as a driver of research and training, leading to widespread adoption of Signalling Firewall capabilities in SS7 and Diameter.

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April 28, 2023