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SMS Grey Route Testing

How much money have you lost today on A2P traffic?

You could be making more.

SMS fraud is a billion dollar industry, and still only around half of mobile operators have countermeasures in place to stop illegitimate A2P transmission and spam. 

SMS Grey Route Testing service allows mobile operators to detect A2P SMS delivered to their subscribers via grey routes. It provides valuable information on:

  • A2P SMS leakages
  • A2P monetization potential
  • Efficiency of installed filtering solution

We employ the best in class SMS testing platform to perform regular SMS penetration testing using a variety of industry techniques utilized by attackers. This platform ensures that any SMS terminated in the network will be reported upon accurately. This testing can determine the final sender ID that was used, whether or not a message terminated successfully, and what market rate was used to deliver the message.

Grey Route Test

How much A2P traffic are you missing?