June 24, 2024

Cellusys & BICS announce Threat Intelligence Partnership

Mobile fraud is ever-evolving, undermining the entire mobile ecosystem. Operators need a powerful and informed defense to regain control and protect their networks.

Cellusys & BICS Announce Threat Intelligence Partnership

Today, at FASG#29, Cellusys, and BICS have expanded on their existing strategic partnership, enabling mobile operators to fight against a myriad of threats and fraud on their networks. This Threat Intelligence partnership will enable the entire mobile ecosystem of businesses, mobile subscribers and mobile operators themselves to reduce the amount of fraud, and resulting financial and reputation losses suffered.

“Mobile networks, being the most ubiquitous digital technology worldwide, are continuously evolving targets for fraudsters,” said Peter Morgan, Chief Solutions Officer at Cellusys. “Signalling attacks pose a significant threat to mobile network operators. It’s crucial to maintain visibility into these emerging threats. By joining forces, Cellusys and BICS are combining their unique and global capabilities to tackle these signalling challenges head-on.”

Cellusys and BICS: A Threat to Fraudsters

The ITW Global Leaders’ Forum (GLF) recently reported 92 percent of global mobile operators are prioritising fraud prevention. This indicates the urgency felt by all players in the ecosystem. Many customers have already benefited from the award winning Cellusys fraud and security solutions across Signalling, SMS and Voice, enabling visibility and control. Cellusys is now looking to extend that visibility across its installed base by centralising the source and methodology attackers use to infiltrate networks it is currently protecting. By providing this visibility and additional contextual information to Communication Service Providers (CSPs), Cellusys aims to improve the global visibility of threat actors and enable preemptive traffic filtering from suspected attack sources. 

This visibility is enriched by BICS’ TrustHub, which uses advanced machine learning and AI to analyse patterns and historical traffic trends. Handling 25% of all roaming interworking, BICS feeds extensive data into its algorithms for precise categorization of attack sources based on past behaviour. 

The dynamic nature of fraud presents a unique set of challenges to mobile operators and this partnership brings together a global connectivity provider and a leading global fraud and security vendor.

Founded in 2005, Cellusys is an industry leader in fraud and security and roaming management systems for mobile operators. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to give mobile operators visibility and control of their voice, signalling and SMS traffic.  Cellusys has won numerous innovation awards and is ranked as a Tier-1 vendor offering solutions for fraud and security, roaming and analytics. For more information, please visit cellusys.com

BICS connects 5 billion mobile devices across a network spanning 200 countries. Powered by Proximus, BICS is a leader in digital transformation; from integrating AI with IoT breakthroughs to cloud communication advancements, they’re driving innovation within the industry. With a focus on sustainability, AI, and fraud prevention, BICS is shaping the future of global communications. For more information, please visit BICS.com

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June 24, 2024