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Cellusys systems can be an instrumental tool in combating fraud targeting your network or subscribers


Voice, SMS, and other fraud is on the rise. Our suit of anti-fraud solutions help MNOs combat fraud and protect subscribers and revenues.

Zero Trust SMS

Zero Trust SMS is a solution to SMS phishing, Flubot, and other malware. Ensure every URL delivered by SMS to every subscriber is safe and secure. The solution verifies every URL in every SMS message to categorise URLs based on Zero Trust methodology and the most comprehensive and advanced database of verified secure URLs, instead of relying on block lists. 

  • Protect your subscribers
  • Protect your brand and reputation
  • Protect SMS as a revenue channel

Call Control

Cellusys Call Control is a solution that provides a single point in the network to detect and prevent voice fraud such as IRSF, wangiri, and SIM boxes, and provide centralised call visibility for business intelligence based on realtime control of call setup and management.  

  • Centralised voice fraud control
  • Realtime detection and prevention
  • Visibility for business intelligence
  • Reduced operational complexity 
  • Simple integration

Fraud Insight

Fraud Insight is a solution to detect and block for crowd-sourced SIM box apps, mobile malware, trojan attacks, and DNS tunneling fraud based on GTP-U analytics and the Cellusys GTP firewall. 


A passive port allowing anti-fraud vendors a feed of real time voice, SMS and data traffic, or the ability to send reports to specialized fraud teams. Discover fraudulent patterns, and customise reporting, using the user-friendly GUI or APIs.

Deep packet inspection of subscriber data usage, coupled with realtime cell-level mapping is a powerful tool in the fight against fraud.


Signalling Firewall

Functions as an active probe that can feed real-time GTP-C, SIP, SS7, and Diameter traffic data to third-party systems or send reports to specialized fraud teams.

The firewall can then enact rules based on these recommendations, as well as industry recommendations and other discovered threats.

Discover fraudulent patterns and block known fraudulent IMSI ranges, or implement customised rulesets using the user-friendly GUI.


Mobile Broadband Analytics

Functions as a passive probe that can feed full GTP-C (control plane) and GTP-U (user plane) traffic data to third party systems in real time, or send alerts and reports to specialized fraud teams to enable accurate analysis and detection of fraud.

Alerts and reports are fully customisable and easy to set up for everyone on your team thanks to the user-friendly GUI.

SMS Firewall

Protection against various kinds of SMS fraud including spam and A2P fraud.

Spam events can be automatically detected and blocked. After a fraudulent or suspicious A2P SMS has been blocked, the message sender can be informed that their message was delivered, when in fact it has been removed from the network. Alternatively, grey or suspicious A2P SMS messages can be modified to include a warning to the recipient.

Customised Solutions

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