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Network Protection

All mobile networks and their subscribers are at risk of attack and fraud by opportunistic hackers and other bad actors with access to mobile technology.

Simply put: there are no security breaches that do not have a financial impact for operators.

From lost functionality due to a DoS attack, to the reputational damage done by headlines about a VIP subscriber being successfully targeted through their mobile service, operators simply cannot afford to take chances on the security of their network. 


Unified or Independent Firewalls

A cross-protocol signalling security solution which protects your network against malicious attacks in every layer, and in every message

All Cellusys firewalls can be deployed together as a unified firewall for SMS, SS7, Diameter, SIP, and GTP in cross-protocol mode, or as individual protocols based on the needs of your network. All networks including 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE can be secured effectively with the Unified Signalling Firewall. All modules intercept both national and international messages.

SS7 Firewall

Signalling control over all applications within the SS7 protocol, including MAP, CAMEL, and ISUP

Diameter Firewall

Signalling control over all Diameter messages and AVPs

SIP Firewall

Deep packet inspection of SIP protocol messages offers an extra layer of security for VoIP and VoLTE traffic

GTP Firewall

Full control of all GTP-C traffic from IP to GTP protocols ensuring all traffic is coming from verified sources

SMS Firewall

A complete solution to secure and monetise SMS traffic

SMS Analysis

Automatic signature recognition and classification of A2P, P2P, and Spam through analysis of SMS content and composition

SMS Home Router

Centralises SMS traffic and permits the delivery of SMS by external networks while hiding subscriber locations and identities


Voice, SMS, and other fraud is on the rise. Our suit of anti-fraud solutions help MNOs combat fraud and protect subscribers and revenues.

Zero Trust SMS

A solution to SMS phishing deployed in the core network which scans every URL in every SMS message to categorise URLs based on zero trust methodology and the most comprehensive and advanced database of verified secure URLs instead of relying on block lists. 

Call Control

A solution for crowd-sourced SIM box apps, mobile malware, trojan attacks, and DNS tunneling fraud based on GTP-U analytics and the Cellusys GTP firewall.

Fraud Insight

Provides a single point in the network to detect and prevent voice fraud such as IRSF and SIM boxes, and provide centralised call visibility for business intelligence based on realtime control of call setup and management.


Realtime access to live traffic for Fraud Management Systems instead of relying on outdated CDRs, which allows action to be taken much more quickly, and minimises damage in emerging threat scenarios.

Security as a Managed Service

Managed services free up your own people to focus on bigger ideas and leave the day-to-day management to our experts.

Let our team of experts manage your signalling security to ensure your network and subscribers benefit from best in class protection from DoS, location tracking, eavesdropping (man in the middle), spam and other fraud and attacks over signalling protocols. 

All modules of the Protect Unified Signalling Firewall can be monitored, maintained, and tested remotely by our team, offering immediate reaction to emerging threats. 


  • Dedicated project manager and highly skilled operations team
  • Monitor traffic in real-time and respond to detected events immediately
  • Adjust policies based on ad hoc requests and market intelligence
  • Periodic penetration testing 
  • Customised reporting


  • Take the pressure off managing difficult transitions 
  • Reduces human resources and training costs
  • Achieve predictable monthly costs or convert Opex costs to Capex costs
  • Stay ahead of the latest industry regulations and recommendations
  • Offer subscribers advanced security based on industry expertise

Network Security Assessment

Do you think your network is secure, or do you know

When it comes to network vulnerability, one thing leads to another. Any small weakness on one protocol can open the door to exposure on more layers and lead to major security problems. Whether you have a signalling firewall or not, a routine penetration test and analysis across all protocols and aspects of your network is the best way to make sure your network is fully protected against the full spectrum of threats and fraud.

Network Security Test

How secure is your network?

Customised Security Solutions

Contact us for customised security solutions for your network