Protect is the Unified Signalling Firewall

A comprehensive cross-protocol signalling security solution using advanced internal correlation to mitigate complex threat scenarios. Protect your network against malicious attacks in every layer, and in every message.

Unified or Independent

All Cellusys firewalls can be deployed together as a unified firewall for SMS, SS7, Diameter, SIP, and GTP.

Cross-protocol mode, or as individual protocols based on the needs of your network.

All networks including 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE can be secured effectively with the Unified Signalling Firewall.

All modules intercept both national and international messages.

All Cellusys products support virtual deployment or can be installed on our customised servers.

All modules of the firewall use REST API integration.

Stop Revenue Loss

A unified defence against location tracking, interception, denial of service (DoS), fraud, and spam is an investment not only in the security of your network, but also the security of your customers.

Improved security means improved subscriber experience, as well as a safeguard against lawsuits and revenue loss due to reputational damage and negative press.


From the first day of deployment, pre-defined rules ensure all known threats are blocked. From here, the rules engine, using advanced matching algorithms, not only detects the threats but also provides valuable intelligence in real time, assisting security teams to actively stop any new undefined threats and identify the source.

New policies can be created and implemented immediately without relying on third parties or software updates. Users have full access to the protocol, and can easily customise the flexible rules engine via the user-friendly web interface to implement broad policies as well as attain fine-grained control.

Central Management System

for Groups, Signalling Providers, Hubs

Signalling is your business — at least make it secure. We have provided many Tier 1 signalling hubs with the capability to control and secure their signalling.

CMS provides multi-operator visibility and control, from one place. The centralised control system allows the user to see security threats from all MNOs and apply security policies for all MNOs or at an individual level.

Monitoring and Reporting

Filtering options allow visibility of traffic and threats from an aggregated view, or at a more granular country or network level. Actions reporting provides an overview of all actions performed by each operator, matching ruleset assessment, breakdown of rule performance, and message action breakdown.

Rule Management

Strong security strategies must prevent global threats, as well as allowing for flexibility for geography and network-specific challenges. The Central Management System allows global action through periodic syncing and a hierarchy of rules, yet allows complementary rules to be defined at a local level as well.

The central system can push rules down to all operators, but cannot modify rules defined at the local level. Operators can add rules, but cannot modify rules pushed from the central system.

Accessible Reporting

Equipped with powerful (yet agile) reporting and alerting features, not only will your network be secure, you can be sure to have the most accurate information about your network traffic and security at your fingertips.

Customise real-time alerts to be notified the moment a threat occurs.

Everyone on your team can be provided proper access levels and customise reports to suit their individual needs (no matter their level of technical expertise) thanks to the intuitive GUI. 

Easily set alerts or publish reports as broad as traffic overview or drill down to monitor a suspicious caller ID. Troubleshoot VIP complaints and monitor message volumes with the touch of a button.


Meets GSMA requirements: 
FS.11 SS7 Interconnect Security Guidelines
FS.19 Diameter Interconnect Security
FS.20 GTP Security

Signalling Firewall Modules

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Signalling control over all applications within the SS7 protocol, including MAP, CAMEL, and ISUP


Signalling control over all Diameter messages and AVPs


Deep packet inspection of SIP protocol messages offers an extra layer of security for VoIP and VoLTE traffic


Full control of all GTP-C traffic from IP to GTP protocols ensures all traffic is coming from verified sources


A complete solution to secure and monetise SMS traffic


Automatic signature recognition and classification of A2P, P2P, and Spam through analysis of SMS content and composition


Centralises SMS traffic and permits the delivery of SMS by external networks while hiding subscriber locations and identities

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The Cellusys Unified Signalling Firewall is a powerful cross-protocol solution for signalling security and SMS monetisation. The firewall is able to mitigate complex threat scenarios through internal correlation across SS7, Diameter, GTP, SIP, and SMPP. Every layer-Every message.