Network Security Assessment

Do you think your network is secure, or do you know?

All mobile networks and their subscribers are at risk of attack and fraud by opportunistic hackers and other bad actors with access to mobile technology.

Simply put: there are no security breaches that do not have a financial impact for operators.

From lost functionality due to a DoS attack, to the reputational damage done by headlines about a VIP subscriber being successfully targeted through their mobile service, operators simply cannot afford to take chances on the security of their network.

Why test?

When it comes to network vulnerability, one thing leads to another. Any small weakness on one protocol can open the door to exposure on more layers and lead to major security problems. Whether you have a signalling firewall or not, a routine penetration test and analysis across all protocols and aspects of your network is the best way to make sure your network is fully protected against the full spectrum of threats and fraud.

How do we test?

Our specialized team will conduct a full cross-protocol analysis (penetration test) of your network by simulating attacks on the network using a variety of industry techniques utilized by attackers. This exposes the number and type of vulnerabilities your network may be susceptible to. Additionally this report will show how one vulnerability opens up to another, laying bare the root cause as well as the full potential for harm. Ultimately, this gives you a resource to plan the next steps in effectively securing your network traffic.

Network Security Test

How secure is your network?

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