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Book Meetings & Training Sessions

Throughout the year, Cellusys attend a number of events and are often invited to speak on panels and present at industry events.
Meet our team to explore how our solutions can increase revenues and improve subscriber experience.
Also feel free to book a complimentary training session covering a wide variety of industry topics either during an event or at a time that suits you.
If you’re interested in a training or wanting to meet us, it’s essential to book in advance. Get in touch below.

Catering to all delegates, whether you are new to the industry and want a crash course in fundamentals or looking to build upon your existing knowledge base. Our telecoms expert Steve DeVries, who has over 40 years of experience in the industry will be hosting 30 minute customised sessions covering topics that you are most interested in. These sessions are focused entirely on education and do not include any coverage of Cellusys products or services. 

Our knowledge base is technical in nature and focuses on how networks are built and interact with one another. We would like you to get the most out of these sessions, so please reach out to us and let us know your topics of interest and your level of expertise so we can tailor material specifically to you. A suggested list of topics is outlined below to highlight some of the areas that we can cover, however we are happy to cover other topics not listed also:


Cellusys are excited to offer complimentary 30 minutes training sessions covering a wide variety of industry topics. Our telecoms expert Steve DeVries, who has over 40 years of experience in the industry will be hosting these educational and insightful sessions. Each training can be tailored and customised to your level of expertise and interest area. Get in touch below.

Mobile Telecom Fundamentals

Designed for those individuals new to the mobile telecom industry or for those who wish to learn more about certain areas of the network.

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Mobile Telecom Signalling

Signalling is the “lifeblood” of the mobile industry. Few people give any thought to what “makes it all work”.

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Industry Hot Topics

There are many subjects and topics that dominate the industry at any given point in time. And, that certainly holds true today. Carriers are facing many decisions that will affect how they will interconnect and how they will best serve their subscribers. Here, we are going to look at a few of them.

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Accessible roaming topics for all teams. Learn how the technical and commercial aspects work together to gain a global appreciation of roaming.

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Signalling protocols make mobile communication and roaming very effortless and seamless. However, there are basically two things that one needs to be mindful of.

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Customer Training

Our products come with training included! 

We not only want to make sure our customers are comfortable and knowledgeable using our systems, but we want to empower users to fully understand signalling in order to get the maximum benefit.

We provide training in a way that anyone regardless of technical ability can understand and use our systems with ease. All Cellusys products are intuitive and user-friendly, but our training gives everyone on your team the confidence to use them to their maximum potential.

You have fewer questions, and we get fewer support tickets. A win-win!

Your place or ours?

Training locations to suit you: Onsite 

Barcelona training centre

Dubai training centre

Remotely via Webex 

Free Training Webinars for Dummies:

It’s difficult to be knowledgeable in all the various areas of telecom. We could all brush up on our technical knowledge and broaden our acronym vocabulary. Impress your colleagues with a stronger working knowledge of how mobile networks actually work, and be more confident with a better understanding of the telecom environment.

Steve DeVries

Our expert trainer Steve has been in the telecom industry
since 1979 and he knows networks inside and out.
From regulations and protocols to industry trends,
Steve shares his vast wealth of knowledge
on a range of useful topics.

Steve was working in telecom before it was cool

Live Webinars

Cost: your time

Topics: roaming, protocols, architecture, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, and more! 

What you get: Knowledge from an Expert

What we get: Satisfaction from being able to make the industry a better place

Approach: NO sales or products, just pure knowledge-sharing

Participation: Webinars are live, so you can ask any question or sit back and relax

GSMA WAS events

Cellusys are excited, once again, to offer free training sessions covering a wide variety of industry topics. Based on overwhelming positive feedback from everyone who took part in these training sessions in previous WAS events, we are happy to share our knowledge and insight once again.

We like to add our own flavor to these industry events. For many years, we have been holding training sessions for all attendees interested in improving their knowledge in this ever-evolving industry. 

Topics range from technical to commercial, but these are not sales or product training sessions. Our products sell themselves!

We welcome all guests and make sure they leave with a Guinness and a smile (and usually some informational material as well).

Training Webinars for Experts:

When our experts need training in a new topic, we send them to Steve — and you can too. 

When specific training is needed on a topic for a high-level group or team member, Steve can develop and tailor a training session to your individual needs.