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At Cellusys, we empower mobile operators to generate more revenue, secure their networks, and make their subscribers’ experiences better.

We design and deliver solutions that give operators clear insights and comprehensive control over their signalling, with a focus on security, roaming, SMS monetisation and analytical applications.

We’re rated as a top innovator and Tier 1 vendor in Signalling Firewall, Steering of Roaming and SMS Firewall in independent research. We proudly serve more than 800 million subscribers worldwide.

We have continually broken new ground since our inception in 2005, when we brought together a team with a depth of expertise in signalling, technology, and IP not seen elsewhere.

We are not held back with preconceived notions of how things should or shouldn’t be done. With this, plus our creativity, and huge input from customers, we will remain leaders in innovation, and the commercial and common-sense choice for mobile network operators.

Meet Our Team

We have offices spanning over 3 continents and 7 countries. Here are just some of our valued team members.

Dawood Ghalaieny, CEO

Dawood Ghalaieny, CEO

Startup spirit, world-class success.

At Cellusys, you’ll find the spirit, energy, and vision of a high-tech startup. Cellusys is a leader in developing and delivering an innovative portfolio of software to help mobile network operators create a high revenue yielding, rich, more adaptive and interactive experience for their customers. Since its founding, Cellusys has been enabling companies around the globe to generate new revenues as well as enhance and improve the entire customer lifecycle experience.

So what’s it like to work at Cellusys? 

As soon as you enter our Georgian offices in the heart of Dublin, or our spacious Barcelona Mobile World Capital, you know you’re not in any typical high-tech company. You are surrounded by colleagues who have already made a big impact on the industry and are intent on continuing to do so. They’re entrepreneurial, autonomous, wired for success, and yet also professional, solution-driven, unpretentious, and collaborative.

Everyone at Cellusys shares a number of common qualities. People at Cellusys are demonstrated experts in their fields. Their backgrounds prove their passion for achievement. They’ve come to Cellusys because they want to work with highly respected, intelligent, and collegial peers, in a company that enjoys a strong pedigree of innovation – and that still notices a job well done.

Our technology serves more than 800 million subscribers worldwide.