May 29, 2024

Cellusys Hosting FASG#29

Cellusys is honored to host the next GSMA Fraud and Security Group meeting (FASG#29) that will take place in Istanbul, Turkey on June 25-27, 2024.

Anyone who works in the telecommunications industry is familiar with GSMA. This organisation represents the interests of mobile network operators from across the globe. With security threats becoming a growing concern in the industry, GSMA is all the more essential. Their Fraud and Security Group (FASG) is an integral part of tackling this issue, aiming to increase protection for mobile operators. By doing this, customer identity and privacy will be at the forefront of infrastructure.

Each year FASG holds meetings to provide a platform for discussing these issues and to promote security and fraud awareness across the industry. This year Cellusys has the honor of hosting FASG#29 in Istanbul. This will be our first time hosting this event, taking place on the 25-27th of June. FASG meetings always provide great opportunities to network and connect with other GSMA members and in a city like Istanbul, FASG#29 is sure to be one of the most exciting events to date.

#1 Meeting Point in the World

Due to its geopolitical position straddling both Europe and Asia, Istanbul has earned the nickname as the “#1 Meeting Point in the World”. The city, a global crossroads, is among the world’s most connected. Entry requirements are quite relaxed, with ordinary passport holders only requiring a simple e-visa. Every day millions of visitors from over 120 destinations visit its airport which makes it among one of the most progressive. With all this being said, it’s no surprise that Istanbul is an economic and cultural hub. Whether it’s for commercial activity, finance, education, or telecommunications, Istanbul is the place to be.

FASG#29 Agenda Highlight: Cybersecurity Insights & Collaborative Strategies

Among the many compelling topics on the FASG#29 agenda, our Chief Solutions Officer, Peter Morgan, will deliver a presentation on “The Use of Threat Intel in Detection and Response and T-ISAC Contribution,” in collaboration with MTN.

This presentation will cover the evolution of cybersecurity and fraud in Africa, traditional vs. emerging threats, and the use of threat intelligence. It will also discuss the Cellusys firewall for MTN and Bayobab, incidents detected by Cellusys, MTN’s T-ISAC contributions, and threat sharing between MTN-Cellusys and GSMA T-ISAC.

More Information about GSMA FASG#29

Invitation to attend the meeting is now open to all GSMA members. If you have any queries regarding registration, visa, accommodation, or transportation, please contact GSMA directly at, or get in touch with us at

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May 29, 2024