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During WAS#13, Cellusys are excited to offer complimentary training sessions covering a wide variety of industry topics. Hosted by our telecoms expert Steve DeVries, these personalised, 1:1 sessions will run for 30 minutes- at a time that suits you and your colleagues.

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Cellusys are excited to offer complimentary 30 minutes training sessions covering a wide variety of industry topics. Our telecoms expert Steve DeVries, who has over 40 years of experience in the industry will be hosting these educational and insightful sessions. Each training can be tailored and customised to your level of expertise and interest area. Get in touch below.

Mobile Telecom Fundamentals

Designed for those individuals new to the mobile telecom industry or for those who wish to learn more about certain areas of the network.

Mobile Telecom Signalling

Signalling is the “lifeblood” of the mobile industry. Few people give any thought to what “makes it all work”.

Industry Hot Topics

There are many subjects and topics that dominate the industry at any given point in time. And, that certainly holds true today. Carriers are facing many decisions that will affect how they will interconnect and how they will best serve their subscribers. Here, we are going to look at a few of them.


Accessible roaming topics for all teams. Learn how the technical and commercial aspects work together to gain a global appreciation of roaming.


Signalling protocols make mobile communication and roaming very effortless and seamless. However, there are basically two things that one needs to be mindful of.

Steve DeVries

Our expert trainer Steve has been in the telecom industry since 1979 and he knows networks inside and out. From regulations and protocols to industry trends, Steve shares his vast wealth of knowledge on a range of useful topics.