Voice, SMS, and other fraud is on the rise. Our suit of anti-fraud solutions help MNOs combat fraud and protect subscribers and revenues.

Call Control

Provides a single point in the network to detect and prevent voice fraud such as IRSF and SIM boxes, and provide centralised call visibility for business intelligence based on realtime control of call setup and management.

Fraud Insight

A solution for crowd-sourced SIM box apps, mobile malware, trojan attacks, and DNS tunneling fraud based on GTP-U analytics and the Cellusys GTP firewall. 

SMS Anti-Phishing

A solution to SMS phishing, and Flubot deployed in the core network which scans every URL in every SMS message to categorise URLs based on Anti-Phishing methodology and the most comprehensive and advanced database of verified secure URLs instead of relying on block lists. 


Realtime access to live traffic for Fraud Management Systems instead of relying on outdated CDRs, which allows action to be taken much more quickly, and minimises damage in emerging threat scenarios.

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