February 17, 2022

Meet Cellusys at MWC 2022 & WAS#15

The excitement is building! Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest mobile technology convention was cancelled in 2020 and reduced in size last year. This year, the conference is back in full swing as the world has spent the last two years relying on mobile technology like never before. The GSMA is bringing together representatives from over 2,000 companies, presenting panels and seminars from industry leaders, and showcasing the latest technologies to keep pace with the world changing momentum our mobile tech has experienced.

Cellusys will be there all week, sharing the latest developments in signalling security and fraud prevention, as well as how sophisticated analytics will increase quality in the future of Roaming as the world’s networks shift to VoLTE and 5G. Request a meeting with us any time during MWC to learn more about Cellusys award-winning products and services and how we can help your network make better decisions – faster.


Mobile Ecosystem Forum’s “Future of Mobile Summit” 

Brendan Cleary will be speaking about the future of mobile security as part of the “Trust in Mobile” panel on 1 March at 17:00. The future of the industry rests on the ability to deliver a good and secure experience. The industry is at a crossroad with key issues mounting on Privacy, IoT and Phishing. Come and learn more about what is being done to ensure the future of mobile security.

WAS#15 Barcelona

Barcelona City

Originally scheduled for Dubai later in March, WAS (Wholesale Agreements and Solutions group) will now be held in Hall 1 of the Fira, co-located with MWC. The GSMA Wholesale Agreements and Solutions group is an influential connectivity event that demonstrates the commercial aspects of interoperability (Interworking & Roaming) between Industry players – providing consistent and reliable services to consumers. This GSMA members-only event presents industry insight and impacts on roaming, what’s happening now, as well as plans for the future. WAS hot topics will be covered in a one day conference on Thursday, 3 March, and will explore network closures, the Billing and Charging Evolution, 5G, and network slicing. 

Cellusys has been hard at work all year, developing strategies to fight smishing and SMS-fraud, Call Control to prevent voice fraud, comprehensive roaming and analytics solutions including VoLTE and 5G NSA steering, and more. Book a meeting to learn more about how we can help your roaming team improve QoS and increase revenues.

There are 6 themes for MWC 2022:

  • 5G Connect: This theme will explore what tomorrow’s world looks like with 5G use cases shaping its growth. 
  • Advancing AI: Advancing AI With global investment set to top €200 billion by 2025, the transformative impact of AI in networks and society is huge, and we’re still just scratching the surface
  • CloudNet: Networks continue to adapt in order to support service delivery and today, cloud is seen as a key enabler of large-scale transformation with the market projected to reach €65 billion by 2026.
  • FinTech: The mobile ecosystem is the heartbeat of fintech as technology continues to reduce barriers and enable new disruptions and innovations. 
  • Internet of Everything: With over 40 billion devices, the growing suite of connected devices and smart technologies offers a new means to reimagine and transform physical spaces. 
  • Tech Horizon: The Tech Horizon theme aims to explore how mobile is transforming our future with innovations that go beyond the industry and deliver purpose. 

Whatever your place in the industry, we hope you will join us in Barcelona for the 35th MWC as the digital technology community comes together to celebrate our achievements during these difficult times and look forward to a future of safety, innovation, and connectivity.

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February 17, 2022