April 4, 2024

WAS #19 Istanbul: Tradition, Innovation, and Commerce

Mark your calendars for the upcoming WAS#19 (Wholesale Agreements and Solutions Group) conference, set against the captivating backdrop of Istanbul, Turkey, from April 16th to 18th, 2024.

WAS #19 – Istanbul, Turkey

About Istanbul, Turkey

There are few cities with the allure of Istanbul. This bustling metropolis is the only city in the world that straddles two continents. Its rich history spans thousands of years, demonstrating a melting pot of cultures including Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman influence. This abundance of cultural diversity coupled with a strategic location bridging Europe and Asia, marks Istanbul as a vital hub for trade, commerce, and business. Taking all of this into account, Istanbul is the ideal destination for the WAS conference.

Cellusys Innovations

We have some exciting news about our latest innovations concerning what we call Event Driven Steering, our recent excellent results in detecting Flash Calls and our initiatives around an open and automated roaming ecosystem.

Event-Driven Steering: Automation of Steering of Roaming

Automation of steering of roaming is of growing concern. Roaming complexity is on the rise with increasing levels of technologies such as IoT, VoLTE, and 5G but an even greater level of scrutiny on roaming service quality. The key to unlocking efficiencies is to reduce the impact on MNO staffing through automation. This will come in handy as these challenges expand in the future.
Event-driven steering completes the current pre-emptive steering with corrective steering based on any event from any system. This optimization ensures that we always optimize roaming quality and cost for every device. Cellusys opens up the heart of roaming control and Steering of Roaming. We do this with APIs for Analytics systems, financial systems, and many more to deliver an open and automated solution for these challenges.

Flash Call Detection

MNOs are eagerly exploring the potential of Flash Calls and detecting is a significant concern. Flash Calls, as a relatively new authentication channel, have sparked division in the mobile ecosystem. However, at Cellusys, we provide MNOs with visibility into all traffic across protocols on their network. This enables them to make and execute the necessary business decisions. We have mind-blowing detection results in various deployments due to the flexibility and programmability of the Signalling Control Platform. This platform is at the heart of our multiprotocol Signalling Firewall, which makes the desired multichannel approach a reality.

An Open Roaming Ecosystem

Additionally, we also have an exciting burgeoning partnership with Yaana and RoamsysNext. We look forward to elaborating on how our combined forces will streamline roaming and enhance the end-to-end experience. As roaming becomes more complex, the process needs automation and simplification. This is to stay abreast of fast-moving commercial and operational dynamics with limited resources. Here at Cellusys, we strive for an open, coordinated ecosystem such that you can have it all.

Book a meeting with us or stop by our Booth #P8 and Turkish Lounge #3B01, to hear more about these developments.

About WAS

The GSMA Wholesale Agreements and Solutions Group organizes the WAS Conference, which occurs twice a year. It plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth communication between operators and hubs, covering interworking and roaming services.

Professionals from various backgrounds attend WAS. This includes mobile (virtual) network operators, IPX vendors, messaging hubs, technology vendors, intelligence firms and other industry stakeholders. WAS provides an important platform for participants to discuss and collaborate on topics related to roaming and interconnection. Additionally, the conference is a forum for exploring solutions for billing, quality of service, and other wholesale aspects of the telecommunications sector.

Monty Mobile will host WAS#19 at the Istanbul Congress Center ICC, in Turkey on the 16-18 of April 2024.

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April 4, 2024