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Jason Bryan chats to Alan Murphy, CTO at CellusysIoT.

Jason is at ROCCO – the independent researchers who recently rated Cellusys for the 2nd year as a Tier One SMS Firewall vendor.

Alan tells us about how he started in Cellusys, and discusses one of the industry’s major challenges right now – IOT Security.

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Security is becoming increasingly important to mobile network operators. With more and more threats appearing each day, it is critical to implement security measures within a network to protect both revenue and subscribers.

Today we’ve published an overview of SS7 Security and TCAP Handshaking on our website. Cellusys are aware of the challenges that face operators and have implemented highly scalable SMS firewall and SMS router solutions to help secure your network. To find out more about Cellusys’ SMS firewall and router solutions, visit our Security Solutions page.