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Signalling Security Best Practice; Unified Signalling Firewall

Posted Wednesday, February 13th, 2019 by Brendan Cleary

Cellusys has always been the leader in bringing signalling security to mobile networks. Initially bringing the SS7 firewall, followed by the Diameter firewall and combining both of those in one system. But there is more that’s needed to protect the mobile network and GTP inherits signalling security vulnerabilities.
Bringing to mobile networks the Unified Signalling Firewall, Cellusys provides the greatest protection to signalling with a cross-protocol platform that implements what is deemed to be best practice.
The unified Cellusys Signalling Firewall system protects a mobile operator’s network by sitting on its external links to other networks and filtering messages from reaching the network, ensuring threats from individual messages, flooding or other issues are prevented from reaching the network and causing issues. The unified firewall supports all relevant signalling protocols: SS7/SIGTRAN, Diameter, SMPP, GTP.
Benefits of the unified firewall:
  • Consistent processing of rules over all protocols
  • CAT1/2/3 checks in one firewall for all protocols
  • Cross-protocol checks for complex threat scenarios
  • MAP queries for location checks for all protocols (e.g. GTP Session Create).
  • Common reporting overall incidents