October 12, 2023

Cellusys Streamlines Sponsored Roaming with the support of Thales

Unlocking the Potential of OTA Management and Network Identity Brokerage for Effortless Multi-IMSI Roaming

Cellusys combined its capabilities with Thales to simplify the complexities of multi-IMSI roaming. This partnership is based on Thales’s Over-The-Air (OTA) management expertise and Cellusys’ IMSI translation capabilities, and promises to streamline the multi-IMSI roaming experience for operators and subscribers alike.

Dual-IMSI sponsored roaming, the conventional strategy for networks with limited roaming capabilities, leaves little room for control by the home network. In contrast, multi-IMSI roaming utilises multiple donor IMSIs, optimising for region and usage, giving the operator greater control over quality and commercial considerations in an ever-widening spectrum of use cases. However, this approach requires that the operator negotiates multiple roaming agreements with MNOs across the globe. 

According to Guillaume Lafaix, VP Connectivity Solutions and Embedded Products at Thales, “Our collaboration with Cellusys marks a significant step toward simplifying multi-IMSI roaming. Together, we are providing operators with the tools they need to navigate this complex landscape effectively.”

Thales’ Cloud OTA platform dynamically instructs the SIM card to select the most suitable IMSI profile based on the destination and user behaviour, ensuring a seamless roaming experience. While this expanded scope presents opportunities, it also necessitates the reconciliation of sponsored IMSIs and the home IMSI within billing and authentication systems.

Cellusys complements this effort with its IMSI Translator which enables sponsored roaming providers, including IPX providers, large networks, groups, and MVNEs, to effortlessly “translate” roaming/sponsor IMSIs into the home IMSI when communicating with the home network. This translation process offers a clear view of usage from the home network’s perspective. It addresses the intricacies of service management, billing, and authentication in multi-IMSI scenarios, ensuring a comprehensive solution for operators.

The IMSI Translator is part of a Network Identity Broker solution along with GTP-Proxy, which addresses IP routing by correcting the APN from the sponsored network to that of the home network, or even private APNs in the case of many large enterprises. 

Brendan Cleary, CEO at Cellusys, remarked, “Roaming VAS is becoming increasingly intermingled as the industry becomes increasingly reliant on consolidated and bundled solutions to optimise profitability. We are pleased to deliver a combination of services that may move the needle for many networks that may have considered multi-IMSI roaming out of reach.” 

By merging Thales Cloud OTA with Cellusys’ IMSI Translator, this collaboration offers a practical solution for operators and subscribers alike. It streamlines the complexities of modern connectivity, enhancing operational efficiency and connectivity for all involved.

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October 12, 2023