November 11, 2017

SMS Firewall – Cellusys Tier 1 Vendors 2017, Rocco Research

Rocco, the independent telecom industry researchers, last week published the results of their SMS Firewall analysis.

Four vendors are listed as Tier 1 providers. The vendors are listed alphabetically, so none of us four can claim the top spot.

An SMS Firewall is of course a security measure. But it is also enabling a major revenue opportunity right now for mobile networks. ‘Grey route’ A2P SMS is analysed and monitored, so it can be monetised.

In Rocco’s research, Tier 1 indicates 4 to 5 points out of 5. Rocco asks MNOs to rate their vendors on 30 KPIs across the areas of Performance, Value, and Leadership. The 15 biggest vendors were rated by 172 MNOs, across 141 countries.

We don’t know which of our customers this quote comes from, because feedback is given anonymously:

“SMS Defence is like all their products, built with great competence.”

Onward and upward!

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November 11, 2017