SMS Firewall

Spam and fraud have significant negative impacts on network operations, customer satisfaction, and financial performance. SMS Defence is an SMS firewall that detects and stops spam and fraud in the mobile network.
Standards: GSMA IR.73, 3GPP TS 29.272

Benefits for you, the mobile operator

  • Detailed trend analysis and real-time reports of SMS activity. The system highlights problem areas.
  • Real Time Alerts: SNMP traps, SMS, and emails can be sent to the NOC team when threats occur.
  • Powerful Rules Engine, with a multitude of matching criteria. Operators can implement broad policies and attain fine-grained control.
  • Block messages; return error messages; inform the message sender that the SMS has been delivered when in fact it has been removed from the network.
  • Protection when roaming: messages are routed through SMS Defence for screening, before being delivered to roamers.
  • AVG Integration: The Cellusys Global Threat Network is regularly updated with new threat definitions from AVG, which SMS Defence uses in scanning SMS content.
  • Cellusys SMS Defence can be configured with multiple virtual instances; each instance can be used by an individual network with its own message policies. Supports MVNOs, International SMS Gateways, SMS Hubbers.
  • Tailors to the technical capabilities of your network elements. Integrates with any network’s STPs or Signalling Gateways. Supports both traditional TDM links and SIGTRAN M2PA or M3UA links.
  • Highly scalable, to handle large increases in traffic with minimal upgrade costs and effort. Additional Message Processor machines easily integrate with only minor configuration changes.
  • Critical revenue-generating of A2P traffic. A2P messaging, bulk SMS providers, and corporate SMS (Banking, OTP, etc.) can be blocked until commercial agreements are put in place.
  • Block SMS from foreign operators until a more favourable roaming contract is negotiated.
  • Reduced licensing costs of SMSCs: Block fraudulent SMS and see a reduction in messaging volume on the core of the network – where you pay for bandwidth.
  • Less spam means more satisfied customers, which means lower costs at your call centres, and fewer people leaving your network.
  • Process an unlimited number of messages. Expand your system, and you won’t incur any additional software licensing fees.
  • Access CDRs easily – to analyse, verify billing, etc. CDRs are created for every message processed, and they are stored centrally.

Find out how the SMS Defence solution can help you:

  • Maximize your SMS Revenues
  • Increase your Subscriber Satisfaction

Many subscribers regard spam as an invasion of privacy; unwarranted charges result from it, which leads to frustration for customers, and lost revenue for inter-carrier messages. Spam can destroy trust in an operator, leading subscribers to opt out of emerging mobile advertising and m-commerce opportunities.

In SMS fraud, the sender assumes the identity of a subscriber or SMSC, and so the operator receives no termination fee. Large volumes of unauthorised messages lead to increased operational costs.

SMS spam and fraud can degrade network and SMSC performance and can severely impact the adoption of revenue-generating services.

Cellusys SMS Defence solves these issue and many more!