October 6, 2023

Cellusys and RoamsysNext Automate IR.21 Data Updates within Steering of Roaming System

Partnership Will Enhance Efficiency and Steering Accuracy through Integration

Cellusys and RoamsysNext, two established leaders in the roaming industry, have joined forces to provide an automated configuration of the Cellusys Steering of Roaming system based on IR.21 data from the GSMA RAEX Tools solution. This ensures Cellusys customers the most accurate and efficient steering without the need for manual intervention when IR.21 data changes by their roaming partners, as well as an enhanced roaming experience for their subscribers.

RoamsysNext manages the GSMA RAEX Tools solution where the standardised IR.21 data is exchanged between MNOs. The IR.21 data includes architecture and routing specifications for each network which are crucial for steering configuration. For Cellusys customers who are also GSMA members, RoamsysNext can now automatically convert IR.21 data into the correct format to be implemented in the Cellusys Steering of Roaming System directly. 

“With an ever-increasing strain on roaming resources, coupled with an increase in roaming complexity, operators must embrace automation. This collaboration between Cellusys and Roamsys is a significant step in this direction, greatly enhancing operational efficiency, accuracy, and standardisation of roaming managements” emphasised Daniel McTague, CTO at Cellusys.

Improved automation and standardisation in roaming processes such as network configurations, IREG and TADIG testing are long overdue. Cellusys recently introduced an automated testing and launch tool that has garnered significant industry interest and is currently in the feedback and development stage. Collaboration between RoamsysNext and Cellusys aligns well with their shared goal of optimising inter-operator roaming processes and systems within the industry. 

“We are confident that this partnership will make a significant impact on the industry, showcasing our commitment to innovation and providing effective tools and solutions to Mobile Network Operators,” stated Michael Grasmück, CEO at RoamsysNext.

As telecom professionals continue to work toward enhancing roaming services, the partnership between Cellusys and RoamsysNext is set to provide a solution that streamlines operations, ensures compliance, and enhances the subscriber experience for both IPX providers and MNOs.

About RoamsysNext

RoamsysNext is an independent tech company facilitating mobile operators and connected companies via a large-scale software-as-a-service platform. Based on more than 15 years of experience, our sophisticated software solutions help operators to establish a smooth, secure, and reliable roaming collaboration process. Over 160 customers in more than 100 countries worldwide put their faith in our products.

RoamsysNext is the GSMA’s number-one provider of roaming agreement solutions and first choice when it comes to standardization efforts. RoamsysNext has not only built but still maintains and supports the customized RAEX IOT, Op Data, IR.21, and IR.85 application, which is now used by hundreds of operators every day.

To learn more about RoamsysNext, visit: roamsys-next.com

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October 6, 2023