April 6, 2023

Chris Lennartz joins Cellusys as Vice President of Product

Top telecom influencer aims to bring the greatest good to the greatest number

Chris Lennartz will oversee the strategy and development of the Cellusys Tier 1 product portfolio that includes the award-winning Steering of Roaming, Unified Signalling Firewall and Insight Analytics platforms, as well as anti-fraud solutions such as SMS Anti-phishing and Call Control Voice Firewall. 

“Working with Cellusys as a partner in previous roles, I found them to be highly professional and well respected in the market for their enormous experience and expertise,” said Chris. “My aim is to streamline this tremendous competence and help propel Cellusys into the next stage of growth by focusing on market orientation and showing MNOs that there is a better way.” 

Chris brings 25 years of experience in Product Management, Marketing and Business Development in telecommunications to the role, working with giants such as iBasis, Mavenir, and Ericsson. He brings a fresh perspective as well as a lifetime of creating and executing strategic growth plans and is recognised as one of the 20 most influential people in telecom. Cellusys has quickly grown to serve double the number of networks in 2023 since 2020, which requires greater diligence in remaining closely aligned with customer needs, greater focus on the efficacy of product offering, but also provides greater opportunity to remain ahead of market needs.

Brendan Cleary

“Cellusys has always been an engineering-led company, with a strong focus and great pride in the technical achievements of our product portfolio, however as we look ahead to the challenges and opportunities in the market today, it only makes sense to have someone like Chris to help us crystalize how we can scale new heights by being not only the most competent, but also the most efficient and effective in our offerings,” commented Brendan Cleary, CEO Cellusys. “We have a reputation for solving niche problems and pain points, yet we have not always been able to scale these solutions to the broader market. We wanted someone uniquely focused on the process of product management to ensure our engineering efforts are not only customer-focused but that we are also bringing the greatest value to the greatest number of CSPs and subscribers, and Chris is the best person to bring this alignment.” 

As plans and agreement for 5G SA roaming and security remain in an industry-wide debate, Cellusys continues to create solutions that are flexible and ready for any direction that the market takes, however as the details of 5G architecture emerge, an in depth understanding of the experience of MNOs, IPX providers and other CSPs is crucial to also be ready to address the needs and pain points of the various players in terms of 5G steering and security. 

Chris Lennartz

“I want CSPs to know that there is a better way to approach their challenges. From VoLTE Roaming quality to revenue assurance, Cellusys is able to meet their needs and help them achieve their roaming, security, and financial goals more quickly, more efficiently, and with a greater quality of service than incumbent providers and larger less flexible vendors,” said Chris.

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April 6, 2023