April 1, 2022

Cellusys is Rebranding

Cellusys recently received high praise and favourable ratings in our 2022 ROCCO Signalling and SMS Firewall Vendors Benchmarking Reports. However, we were concerned about our brand image and identity in the industry. After over 15 years as a leading player in network security and service, it’s important to maintain a reputation on par with our service.

We consulted the very best brand management agency who recommended completely overhauling the company branding. As Cellusys, we wanted to revamp our image to reflect and represent our dedicated staff, using their feedback to guide this transformation. 

These were the top 5 reasons for and against rebranding:

Top 5 Reasons Cellusys Should Rebrand

  1. All big actors in the industry are improving their logo / branding regularly. 
  2. I don’t like Blue. 
  3. Most people outside of the company that have said Cellusys to me have mispronounced it. 
  4. Cellusys is a more international company now with a more diverse list of products. 
  5. I think most people are calling us Celsius.

Top 5 Reasons Cellusys Should NOT Rebrand

  1. Cellusys has the perception as a good, friendly company with our current customers. We have first class customer care and receive favourable feedback. My hope would be that this feedback would eventually arrive at vendors and shine us in a positive light.
  2. It has a solid branding, simple yet strong, known for years now, and modern
  3. I think if the products themselves are consistently rated highly it might be a shame to re-brand to a new name if the high quality products are currently associated with our brand.
  4. The brand has been around for 15+ years. While it sometimes bears explaining that it’s a contraction of Cellular Systems, it seems counter-productive to throw away the recognition that already exists.
  5. It’s a known brand and identity.

The employees were given 6 sample brand names and logos to evaluate:

Chamerlie – luxury in engineering 
Cernunnus – similar and recognisable but with a focus on technology and a lighter feel 
Nex Gen Security – single minded proposition: the future of security in mobile 
RSFAI – Roaming, Security, Fraud, Analytics, IoT 
Lugh – Celtic warrior god – strength, confidence, and diversity 
Elatha – global, high-tech, and futuristic

And here are some highlights from the feedback:

It was the first item on the list.

The colour is nice and it has a chandelier

Too busy, I don’t know what to make of it

I just think there’s a bit too much going on, to be honest

The only proposal which at least shows anything, but it’s boring and could mean anything. 
The other names not only don’t make sense, they also seem hard to spell. What about SigKnife? SigShield? SigGuard? 
I see no need to change the brand, the issue is that it’s not sufficiently known, not that the name itself is bad 
I don’t particularly like any of them but it is the MOST preferred. I literally cannot pronounce the other 5.

I like the logo but not the name, un-cool name. 

It’s the best of an average bunch. RSFAI is the only company name that hints at what we do

To be honest, in my opinion none of the above options are good. I picked the least bad option here. 

I think it is the simplest idea name which I like. I am not a huge fan of the logo just as I don’t think it really conveys “Celtic Warrior God” as it’s a generic logo. 

Of the 6, this would be my most least worst

Sounds like Loo

I’m afraid I think they are all terrible so this is the least worst option (sorry).
It’s neutral so it is not attached to a specific product, service, location, etc which makes it easier to maintain it in the long run.
The name ties into Irish folklore so is a good talking point to get people asking about the product.
It’s the only name that sounds half-decent and should be easily pronounceable for non-Irish / non-native English speakers. 
Rocket on the logo does not make sense, but I like that it incorporates the circle and existing colours.

Let’s Explore These New Ideas

We needed to go deeper. (No half measures at Cellusys) Our most concerned employees attended a focus group with the agency’s top branding expert. And we have the entire thing on video…

In the end, our team had the right instincts. One employee even wrote “I’m sorry but this seems like it is an April Fools joke. Just terrible suggestions for new company names. Please don’t ditch Cellusys.”

We’ve spent too many years crafting a world renowned reputation, a name that is synonymous with security and technological excellence, and the top-rated customer service in the industry. There’s no way we’d change a thing! 

Though the rocket ship did look cool…

Happy April Fools Day!

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April 1, 2022