February 24, 2022

Comfone & Cellusys Roaming Solutions as a Service Take Root in UK

Hosted Steering of Roaming solution to improve subscriber experience and enable strategic shift for UK operator

A major pivot in the roaming strategy of a UK mobile operator, serving millions of subscribers will be enabled by the Cellusys Steering of Roaming system, hosted and managed by Comfone. This shift from a sponsored roaming solution to direct roaming combined with steering, promises to improve subscriber roaming experience and drive profitability for the operator, who is one of the more recent additions to the mobile marketplace in the UK.

Regaining Control over Roaming

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“Cellusys is proud to partner with Comfone to deliver the best-of-breed solutions to the industry.” said Brendan Cleary, CEO Cellusys. “This is the first of many operators who will benefit from the combined Cellusys and Comfone offering which supports profitable roaming strategies, while actually improving roamer experience.”  

The network had previously relied on sponsored dual-IMSI roaming, managed through a third-party roaming services provider. Sponsored roaming is a common choice for small networks and MVNOs, however in the long run, creates inefficiencies of cost and takes the control over quality of service and profitability out of the hands of the home network.

As their legacy roaming system came to end of life, the roaming team recognised this as an opportunity to regain control over the subscriber roaming experience, as well as to realise the potential profitability of a roaming strategy based on precision steering.

Roaming + Steering = Success

The award-winning Cellusys hybrid steering system supports 4G and 5G NSA traffic with upcoming support for 5G Standalone, and is able to steer outbound roamers to the network with the highest quality service, while still achieving incredible accuracy in reaching targeted volumes. The platform also has an integrated SMS Outreach system, allowing subscribers to be reached with updates and information delivered through SMS, based on subscriber travel destination and activity.  

This shift to direct roaming combined with steering is now feasible as the young network’s subscriber base has grown to a critical mass, sufficient to sustain beneficial roaming agreements with operators globally. Comfone carries all of the network IPX traffic and was well positioned to provide Roaming as a Service.

Roaming Solutions as a Service

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“There is a shift in the industry towards centralisation both in signalling and value added services, but on the other hand, we see MVNOs becoming more and more specialised in their offerings to subscribers,” said Derek Moser, Comfone VP of Business Development. “We are pleased to be able to support operators and virtual operators effectively on both ends of this spectrum.”

Roaming Solutions as a Service can be very beneficial to MNOs and MVNOs alike, especially as many are shifting focus away from network operations. Hosting and launching of services, platform upgrades to support future technologies, and worry-free platform maintenance are just some of the many conveniences afforded operators who are increasingly customer-focused.

About Comfone

Comfone remains unique as the only supplier in the market to offer all services required to establish international roaming between two mobile operators. These encompass IPX Services, Data and Financial Clearing including BCE, Roaming Management, Data Management Services and M2M End2End Monetisation. Each service is accessible through the Key2roam Platform, providing a simple, convenient roaming solution.

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February 24, 2022