October 5, 2020

Cellusys Celebrates 15 years of Cultivating Talent from Within

Cellusys’ 15th year is more than an anniversary – it is a rite of passage. Brendan Cleary is moving into the position of CEO and is now one of three executives that began their careers with Cellusys from university internships: John O’Hara will move into the position of COO, and Daniel McTague remains as CTO. 

Founded 15 years ago Cellusys has enjoyed enormous success as a solutions provider to mobile networks globally. Now considered pioneers and industry leaders in signalling security and roaming, Cellusys has made a name for itself in the telecom industry, standing out not only because of their technological innovation, but also as a young company with fresh perspective, and a unique way of doing business. Now, each with over a decade of experience, these three young executives are charged with the responsibility of leading Cellusys through the next stage in its growth and prosperity. 

Brendan Cleary began his career as an intern with Cellusys 13 years ago, working on the development of Steering of Roaming, when Cellusys was but a small, agile team of young engineers. Brendan went on to establish the Bangkok office and has since held a variety of positions from integrations to sales and prides himself on having learned everything he knows about the industry from the breadth of opportunities he has experienced with Cellusys. Through involvement in many projects over the years, Brendan has developed close customer relationships as well as bonds with the various teams within the organisation. Brendan is honoured to have been chosen to lead the Cellusys team from this auspicious point in time, and grateful for the opportunity to apply his experience and passion to bring Cellusys to new levels of success and achievement. 

“Cellusys is a company where people excel due to the exposure of a wide variety of work coupled with a culture of problem solving and teamwork. You are continually challenged and learn at a rapid pace, resulting in a greater confidence and a broader skill set.”

John O’Hara has lead the Integrations and Support departments of Cellusys for several years, and also began his career in 2012 as an intern, quickly rising as an engineer with a natural knack for problem-solving. Early in his career, he gained significant experience working alongside several customers in the Middle East and Asia. Along with Cellusys’ quickly growing customer base and product portfolio, John has grown to manage multitudes of simultaneous installations globally. He is eager to apply his experience in engineering and integrations to a broader range of customer engagement opportunities such as growing managed services. 

“We have an amazing team of engineers, and the expansion of managed services gives us the opportunity to work closely with our network customers, learn about their challenges in a capacity where we can tackle real world problems with them from both engineering and customer service perspectives.”

Daniel McTague has been in the position of CTO since 2017, however, Daniel will take on added responsibilities in product development and outlook. Daniel began as an intern in 2008, working on SMS Defence, and is very grateful for the opportunity to have worked closely with customers to learn about their daily operations and what makes a solution most effective for them.

“We have always approached solving customer problems without preconceived notions about how things “should” be done, and focused on customer engagement to determine the real customer needs. This type of engagement has allowed us to create products and prioritise features that solve real customer needs, which is an infinitely better approach than simply following the latest industry buzzwords and trying to solve problems that do not exist.”

Niall Bennett as CFO is a Chartered Accountant and industry veteran with an early background in consultancy at PWC. Niall worked in organisations such as Compaq, HP and Dell, where he managed a major merger integration and progressed through roles in operations, strategy and finance.  One of his key focus areas in Cellusys extends beyond finance and is on the formation of best practice processes. The industry-leading approaches that Niall brings to best practice and continual process improvement are key to an organisation at a point where growth is at a point of inflection.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Brendan, John, and Dan for the past two years and am delighted to see these highly capable and talented individuals progress where they will bring even more value to Cellusys. Their journey through the company along with other top talent has shown that the opportunities exist every day, both for the individual and the company.”

Cellusys has grown from a team of five in an attic in Georgian Dublin to a structured, industry-recognised leader with a global presence, nearly 100 employees, and a mature, diverse product portfolio. With an eye to the future, Dawood Ghalaieny set out to build an organisation that, as a core competence,  develops talent internally. He could not be more proud to be able to place the future of the company in the hands of engineers that began their professional career with Cellusys, and who have been instrumental in the growth and success of the company to date. Dawood remains as Chairman of the board.

“Cellusys has always been about identifying raw talent and giving those the opportunity to become the best that they can be. The support structures and dedication to continual training are key to allowing that to happen.”

It is a very exciting time for Cellusys and the telecommunications industry. There are new challenges with the rollout of VoLTE, 5G and NFV technologies which require innovative solutions to maximise value for Mobile Networks and increase quality of service for subscribers.

Cellusys will continue to lead the market to secure mobile networks from attack and prevent fraud that impacts the bottom line. Driving down cost and bringing operational and financial efficiencies will be realised with new Cellusys solutions specifically engineered to support signalling hubs and centralised solutions for MNO Groups.

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October 5, 2020