September 10, 2020

Telecom Sans Frontieres Syrian Child Refugee Education Program

Not even a year on from #WAS10, it is incredible to ponder how the world has changed. It seems like yesterday that Craig was bursting through the finish line in Turia Park in Valencia, having completed a journey over 450km across land (and sea) with nothing more than a mask & snorkel, skateboard, bicycle, scooter and his own steam to arrive in the City of Science, all to support Telecom Sans Frontieres, an NGO that has been providing telecom support and services in the wake of natural disasters and humanitarian crises all over the world since 1998. 

Among all the good work that TSF does, one project for us stood out among others: mLearning for Syrian children. Over 400,000 Syrian children in Turkey cannot attend school and are vulnerable to exploitation. The program provides tablets and resources for 200 children per year to continue their education while in refugee camps in Turkey, and thanks to the help of Craig’s sponsors, TSF is able to continue offering computer science activities like basic programming and robotics.

With the help of the mLearning Kits provided by TSF, these children have the technical resources they need to access education in a safe and loving environment where they can grow and flourish while learning skills to prepare them for future opportunities in the tech sector.  

We would like to thank JT Group Limited HORISEN PCCW GLOBAL Limited MTN GlobalConnect Global Telco Consult (GTC) Revector Route Mobile Limited for their support and everyone for their interest in this project.

Read more about the project or donate at Telecom Sans Frontieres

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September 10, 2020