March 30, 2020

Press Release: Free Analytics to Overloaded Mobile Networks During COVID-19 Crisis

Real-time, cell-level mapping provides insight into the movement and density of all network subscribers. Parameters can be set to see real-time location and movement of inbound roamers from individual countries based on cell. Subscriber density per cell is easily monitored, which is valuable in troubleshooting and allocating network resources.

Coronavirus pandemic taxes crucial communication services globally

Dublin, March 26, 2020 – Cellusys, a global mobile telecoms solutions company, is offering its advanced analytics system to mobile telecom operators free of charge to help maintain network resources and ensure availability for critical users during the COVID-19 pandemic. Subscriber movements are changing drastically and the sudden shift in network traffic is causing mobile networks worldwide to experience outages. These are challenges advanced network analytics are helping to solve.

As countries begin enforcing social distancing and enacting lock-downs, effectively forcing significant portions of the workforce to remain in their homes, this also shifts the demands on mobile network infrastructure. Resulting overloads to the system can mean poor quality of service or a lack of service to emergency responders and other critical entities when it is needed most. 

To alleviate the burden mobile networks face, Cellusys is offering Insight, its mobile broadband analytics system, to operators at no cost during this crisis. Integration is passive, meaning it does not interfere with network traffic, but allows for real-time analysis of the entire control plane, without consuming network resources. The option of virtual installation reduces logistical barriers to integration. 

Advanced analytics offers networks: 

  • Centralised analytics of all network control plane data 
  • Real-time, street-level subscriber location mapping for targeted SMS outreach
  • Real-time inbound roamer mapping
  • Quality of service monitoring and troubleshooting by user or group

The addition of the SMS outreach capabilities gives networks or governments the power to deliver warnings, updates, new regulations, contact information, or instructions to very specific, targeted populations. This could be used to deliver life-saving information as locally as airports, borders, or congested areas. 

“We are fortunate to be able to offer mobile networks solutions beyond security and roaming in this complex crisis,” said Dawood Ghalaieny, CEO of Cellusys. “We are very prepared and skilled at performing remote installations and find ourselves in a unique position to help networks serve their communities and subscribers in these unprecedented circumstances.” 

Cellusys is an industry leader in signalling security and roaming management systems, with over 15 years experience helping mobile operators and hubs secure their networks and subscribers from attacks over signalling protocols. Cellusys has won numerous innovation awards and is ranked as a Tier-1 vendor offering solutions for analytics, security, roaming, fraud, and IoT.

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Mobile networks experiencing outages:

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March 30, 2020