March 6, 2018

Meet us at WAS #7, Dubai, 19th–22nd March 2018

We are looking forward to meeting you at WAS#7 in Dubai. For many Dubai means different things to different people. Whether it’s gold, diamonds, property, beach, golf, skyscrapers, sand dunes or fast cars and luxury hotels, one thing above all is a true trading hub. There is no more apt place to be buying and selling wholesale services for the mobile telecoms industry than in Dubai. Although to many it can be the plastic fantastic, it is not only steeped in a culture unique to itself but has also blended many cultures of the world and brought style and class to make it its own. As a result there is much to Dubai that your time at WAS#7 will never cover! So do join us of some unique activities in Dubai. While some will be cliche’d must do’s, others are undiscovered gems.

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In case we forget what we really are at WAS#7 for, the Wholesale Agreements and Solutions Group (WAS) is responsible for Operator-to-Operator and Operator-to-Hub interoperability (including Interworking and Roaming) to provide GSMA members with a consistent, reliable GSM service for members to offer their customers. Meet us to discover our unique Signalling Solutions that cover Roaming Management and Signalling Security for mobile operators at WAS#7 in Dubai.

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March 6, 2018