November 15, 2017

Meet us at Capacity – Messaging & SMS World, Congress Centre, London, 28 & 29 November 2017

Capacity Messaging and SMS World is the messaging industry’s only dedicated event. Learn about fraud management and maximise the revenue opportunity in monetising A2P messaging.

We are telecoms network signalling experts. Our technology serves more than 450 million mobile network subscribers around the world. We’re rated a top innovator and a Tier 1 vendor in independent research – Rocco Innovator Report, 2017.

Here’s what we do:

– SMS Defence – an SMS Firewall is of course a security measure. But it is also enabling a major revenue opportunity right now for mobile networks. ‘Grey route’ A2P SMS is analysed and monitored, so it can be monetised.

– Comprehensive signalling protection for your telecoms network and your subscribers with our Signalling Firewall. Protecting networks against all SS7 and Diameter threats specified by the GSMA, plus many GTP threats.

– SIM connectivity for your IoT fleets. With highest-grade security, roaming control, and enhanced analytics.

– Precision Steering of Roaming, giving you greater usage volumes to commit to roaming partners, and enabling you to negotiate IOT agreements with multiple partners concurrently – while maintaining high quality experiences for your subscribers.

– Roamflow – the workflow app that’s helping roaming department managers juggle less, and achieve more.

– Mobile Data Analytics – so you can optimise your data service offerings.

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November 15, 2017