September 29, 2017

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The Internet of Things is vulnerable to Mobile Network Cyber Crime.

Issues with the security of devices are well known. But few are talking about security at the network level: signalling security.

While some IoT devices are supposedly ‘locked down’, all IoT devices remain vulnerable to signalling threats – exploits from the mobile network, which is itself insecure.

It is critical that network operators and companies worldwide that use IoT SIMs are educated on these vulnerabilities, and on how to protect their network, their subscribers, their revenue, and reputation.

Cellusys IoT offers a suite of services designed specifically to meet the demand and scale of IoT: IoT Protect, IoT Connect, IoT Analytics, and IoT Roaming Control.

Alan Murphy, CTO: “Our core competence is signalling, which is fundamental to network security. That’s where we’re unique in the industry. The Internet of Things uses wireless protocols with vulnerabilities that our technology has an unparalleled track record in safeguarding.”

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September 29, 2017