September 24, 2017

Highest grade security for IoT devices as Cellusys announce secure IoT connectivity

How the Internet of Things is vulnerable to Mobile Network Cyber Crime

Dublin and Marrakech, 25/09/17

Mobile operators and companies worldwide that use IoT SIMs are seeking the solution to secure the fortress. Their reputations and revenues are at risk.

As the transformative power of the internet ushers in an era of intelligent and connected objects, corporate assets are being targeted, our private data is vulnerable, our transport systems and our hospitals are exploitable by criminal organisations – with it, our safety, and the safety of our children.

In the public eye right now is the Connected Car sector, vulnerable to remote attacks, to ‘vehicle alteration’, and theft and surveillance.

But while some IoT devices are supposedly ‘locked down’, the elephant is still in the room. All IoT devices remain vulnerable to signalling threats – exploits from the mobile network, which is itself insecure. [Security Research Labs]

A huge amount of research and development has been applied to securing IoT devices, however very little attention has been given to the security of the cellular signalling network itself with respect to Internet of Things. This leaves otherwise ‘secured’ IoT devices open to location tracking, denial of service, and communication interception.

Cellusys IoT offers a suite of services designed specifically to meet the demand and scale of IoT: IoT Protect, IoT Connect, IoT Analytics, and IoT Roaming Control. The products are built on the foundations of Cellusys’ award-winning telecoms security technology and are made available to IoT companies in partnership with mobile networks.

Alan Murphy, CTO: “Our core competence is signalling, which is fundamental to network security. That’s where we’re unique in the industry. The Internet of Things uses wireless protocols with vulnerabilities that our technology has an unparalleled track record in safeguarding.”

Leading the venture is CEO Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg, former CEO at UROS and SVP at Vodafone Roaming Services. “With the network locked down, IoT can help our world be safer. Self-drive cars may process sensory information and swarm in unison to prevent accidents. Next generation pacemakers, insulin pumps, and other critical medical devices can be protected against malicious intent. Industrial infrastructure, manufacturing and process control systems can now be comprehensively secured.

“But security, safety, and privacy in the network must be paramount as the IoT mushrooms. Any effective IoT protection must include the network level. We must protect corporate assets and reputations, the people whose livelihoods depend on the IoT network, our societies as they rely increasingly on networked things.”




For more information contact:
Stephen Brewer, Chief Strategy Office, Cellusys IoT
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About Cellusys IoT

Cellusys IoT empowers its customers with highest-grade security and enhanced connectivity analytics for their IoT fleets. Their technology is built to protect IoT devices against all categories of SS7 and Diameter attacks specified by the GSMA.

The products are built on the foundation of Cellusys’ 12 years’ experience in mobile network security. Cellusys is rated a top innovator and a Tier 1 vendor in independent research – Rocco Innovator Report, 2017.

Cellusys IoT implements commercial and technical best practice for customers, supporting all stakeholders, and enabling them with full go-to-market strategies for comprehensive security and long term defence against mobile network cyber crime.

Cellusys IoT SIM Card

[pictured: The Cellusys IoT SIM]

Cellusys IoT Press Release 25.09.2017

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September 24, 2017