July 24, 2017

Fraud and Security Group meeting, GSMA FASG#9, Macau, 12–14 Sept 2017

FASG is always a great networking event, and a valuable opportunity to stay informed of the latest fraud and security risks in the telecoms industry, as well as the protection measures.

A few of us from Cellusys will be attending.

Cellusys provides comprehensive signalling protection for mobile networks and subscribers. Our Signalling Firewall has been called “The Grandfather of Signalling Firewalls” by Karsten Nohl, Chief Scientist at SRLabs.

Our team has 12 years’ experience building signalling security products. Our Signalling Firewall has been installed in multiple networks since early 2015.

In that 12 years, Cellusys has never lost a client. Our technology serves more than 450 million subscribers worldwide. We’re rated a top innovator and a Tier 1 vendor in independent research – Rocco Innovator Report, 2017.

To book a meeting, call Craig on +33 6 66 39 45 45 or email craig@cellusys.com

See you in Macau!

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July 24, 2017