May 15, 2017

Meet us at ITW (International Telecoms Week), in Chicago 14-17 May

This is an annual meeting for the global wholesale telecoms industry – an opportunity for people in our industry to network and conduct business.

We are signalling experts. Our technology serves more than 450 million mobile network subscribers around the world. We’re rated a top innovator and a Tier 1 vendor in independent research – Rocco Innovator Report, 2017.

– Comprehensive signalling protection for your network and your subscribers. Our Signalling Firewall has been called “The Grandfather of Signalling Firewalls” by Karsten Nohl, Chief Scientist at SRLabs.

– Precision SoR, giving you greater usage volumes to commit to roaming partners, and enabling you to negotiate IOT agreements with multiple partners concurrently – while maintaining high quality experiences for your subscribers.

– Roamflow – the workflow app that’s helping roaming department managers juggle less, and achieve more.

– Mobile Data Analytics – so you can optimise your data service offerings.

– SMS Defence to help you monetise A2P messaging.

If you’d like to arrange a time to chat, just email

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May 15, 2017