September 22, 2016

Beepsend and Cellusys Join Forces to Secure and Monetise A2P SMS for Mobile Operators With Tier-1 Solution

GSMA – The Beepsend and Cellusys partnership delivers a market-leading offering to Mobile Operators for monetisation of Application-2-Person (A2P) SMS messaging. Recently, Mobile Operators voted Beepsend as Tier-1 A2P SMS Messaging Vendor and Cellusys as Tier-1 SMS Firewall Vendor globally. This collaboration addresses the increasing demand operators have for Network Security and A2P SMS revenues.

In order to monetise A2P SMS messaging, operators need a clear strategy, extensive knowledge of the A2P aggregator ecosystem, and a technically adequate and proactively managed SMS filter. In the joint offering, Cellusys contributes its fully GSMA IR.71 compliant SMS Defence filter which targets all sources of threats ranging from international and national connections to own SMSC sources, including SIM boxes. Beepsend contributes their A2P market expertise, tools for proactive penetration testing and monitoring, and assurance that all filter parameters are up-to-date and ahead of the game. Through its connectivity to over 200 international aggregators and service providers, Beepsend manages the operator’s A2P infrastructure efficiently, capturing available SMS volumes through its market-leading API and fully scalable SMS and routing engine.

“By combining the strengths of two dedicated experts in their respective fields we deliver a complete solution without compromises in either area. Our solution provides a managed filter that blocks out illicit traffic securely and moves it to paid quality routes into the network. A very flexible commercial model and modest hardware requirement ensures ROI in under 12 months,” says Andreas Åkesson, Beepsend’s COO.

“Managing A2P SMS to effectively monetise is exceptionally intricate. Unbilled SMS will always pass through the path of least resistance and you need the capability to achieve 100% lockdown of the network, not 98% or 99%. SIM boxes or rogue Global Titles are only part of the problem, and fraudsters are developing new techniques at a faster pace with increasing sophistication. The combined core competencies of Cellusys technically, with Beepsend managing the business, gives operators a best practice approach to A2P monetisation, from two Tier-1 rated vendors,” says Dawood Ghalaieny, Cellusys’s CEO.

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September 22, 2016