August 29, 2016

WAS #4 – a huge welcome to Dublin, from Cellusys!

It’s going to be wonderful to see you.

The doors of the Dublin Convention Centre will be open – and we’ll be here with open arms, to welcome you to WAS#4 and our hometown of Dublin.

Cellusys has some neat surprises in store for you at this fourth GSMA WAS event.

Down to business first: we’ll bring a better LTE Roaming Experience to your subscribers, and a more secure Signalling Network to you.

“Hmm, that’s erm, Wow – yes…” – that was the reaction of just one roaming manager, to a demo of our Roam Management Suite…

It was the granularity and the intuitiveness of the system, that got the ‘Wow’. But the system is also hybrid, and …well – come and take a look…

Have you booked your meeting with Cellusys? Make sure you book in good time. So you can pick our brains on roaming, network security – get a demo – …and you might as well pick our brains about the craic in Dublin. We know this place like the back of our hand – perhaps we can bring you out and treat you…

Looking forward to this…

See you in Dublin!


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August 29, 2016