July 21, 2015

Mobile Roaming to Represent 8% of Operator Revenues by 2018


A new report from Juniper Research has valued operator revenues generated from mobile roaming at nearly $90 billion by 2018, compared to $57 billion this year. This will represent over 8% of the global operator billed revenues by 2018. The report notes that these revenues will largely be driven by increasing data usage, primarily from a reduction in roaming charges. Data roaming represented an estimated 36% of the global mobile roaming revenues in 2013.

The key findings of the report include:

  • Operators will capture more revenue by targeting Silent Roamers
  • Operator revenues from mobile data roaming to reach over $42 billion by 2018
  • New developments in in-flight roaming partnering with mobile and airline operators.
  • There is an opportunity to encourage ‘non-data’ roamers to become data roamers

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July 21, 2015