July 21, 2015

Developer Learning Experience

Developer Learning Experience (DLX) is one of Cellusys’ most successful long term plans. Interns are now in the middle of the 2015 programme. There is always healthy competition for these paid internships and the full-time engineers really enjoy having the interns here. Interns are digging in with the products we are developing and they get real insight into bulding telecoms grade software with leading-edge technologies.

We are delighted to be working with this year’s interns as they are part of our family. Cellusys engineers look forward to next year’s DLX programme and a new batch of amazing interns. Here, some of our interns tell us about their experience so far.

CONOR HUGHES , Cellusys Intern 2015

“I think what makes the DLX programme really stand out is how practical it is. I believe the best way to learn is by doing and Cellusys really encourages that. I’ve learned a lot of cool, new technologies and everyone at Cellusys is really approachable and friendly – if you ever have a problem there’s always someone there to give you a hand.”

EOIN O’BRIEN, Cellusys Intern 2015

“The first day I arrived at Cellusys, I was made part of the team immediately and was creating products that would be used by all employees. You are involved in every part of the development structure from designing, to coding, to testing and deployment. If you have the will to learn be sure to apply, I guarantee you won’t regret it.”

JOSHUA KELLY, Cellusys Intern 2015

“A lot of my friends were talking about Cellusys so I applied to the DLX programme, did an interview and got the internship. I’ve learned a lot of cool technologies that have helped me with both my college work and side projects. If you’re looking for a good challenge and are willing to learn, definitely apply to the DLX programme.”

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July 21, 2015