May 9, 2014

Roaming World Congress 2014


At the 8th Annual Roaming World Congress 2014 meet Cellusys and find out how with the Cellusys Roaming Management Suite you will have best practice tools to monetise next generation roaming.

The conference will provide realworld operator & regulator led solutions to address the entirety of the challenges facing the roaming industry today.

Roaming World Congress 2014 will be bringing together case studies and key influencers from around the Roaming industry to understand the monetising opportunities the new market represents.

Being a Mobile Network Operator is an expensive business. Investing to refresh existing technologies, and rolling out new networks is not cheap. And that’s without the costs of paying for a new spectrum license. Added to this, the expense of funding new smart phones for customers. There is a lot of money spent to make sure that the customer experience is as seamless as possible. Roaming charges used to be a convenient way to recoup some of these costs, but regulatory and market pressures are threatening to end this lucrative revenue stream.

In the USA, domestic roaming charges are now a thing of the past, and with new European regulations set to take effect in July 2014, the European roaming market will be forever changed. Will ARP’s and the option of LBO drive down roaming prices as MVNOs have done to domestic tariffs? What kind of business opportunity is there to set up as an ARP? Although the profit margin on roaming charges might be dropping, there is still an incredible opportunity to develop real brand loyalty and regain customer trust in this shifting market.

Roaming World Congress will feature the latest in roaming strategies to provide the experience the modern customer demands, as well as fully understanding where monetising opportunities can be exploited.


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May 9, 2014