Fraud Insight

Fraud Insight is a solution to detect and block for crowd-sourced SIM box apps, mobile malware, trojan attacks, and DNS tunneling fraud based on GTP-U analytics and the Cellusys GTP firewall. 

Advanced DPI 

Fraud Insight uses analytics with advanced DPI capabilities to monitor mobile data sessions, identifies fraudulent IP ranges and domains which are then blocked with the Cellusys GTP Firewall, ensuring subscribers are protected from these malicious domains, apps, and other malware, and protecting networks from revenue leakage.

Malware and Trojan attack Detection

Targeted subscribers are directed to malicious URLs and targeted with mobile malware and trojan attacks. Using DFA, signature, and packet type analysis, trojan are detected in realtime. To protect mobile network customers, data communication from malicious apps is blocked  and users can be notified of device infection.

SIM box Apps

Although crowd-sourced SIM box apps are usually permission-based, apps can be loaded to a subscriber’s phone without their knowledge or consent which then use their phone to send SMS and make calls on their local network, much like a SIM box. This fraudulent abuse of service terms can be mitigated by terminating the data session and a series of SMS warnings can be sent to subscriber warning them of impending service termination and ability to ultimately ending data subscription to voice and data services if not compliant.

DNS Tunneling fraud

Frequently used by free roaming data apps. Significantly interrupts service. 

DNS fraud is rarely detected by most networks, yet hackers using false DNS servers as proxies to tunnel data deprives operators of untold amounts of data revenue each year. Fraud Insight exposes this fraud through DPI inspection and bandwidth utilisation monitoring, without reliance on DNS server blacklists and then terminates the data session.

All Networks

Network performance, subscriber usage, and IoT can all be effectively monitored across 2G. 3G, 4G (and soon 5G). 

Insight can be deployed virtually, eliminating the need for additional hardware installation. 

Uses REST API for incoming data

Broadband analytics can be configured for specific use cases such as IoT networks, or function as a passive probe able to gather and send data to other systems.

Uses 0MQ for integration

Powerful Agility

Equipped with a versatile range of options and filters to choose from, you can be sure to have the most accurate information about your network traffic and user data patterns at your fingertips.

Everyone on your team can be provided proper access levels to customise reports and real-time alerts for crucial KPIs to suit their individual needs (no matter their level of technical expertise) thanks to the intuitive GUI. A detailed audit log provides accountability and aides troubleshooting. 

Easily set alerts or publish reports as broad as traffic overview or drill down to monitor an individual IMSI. Troubleshoot connectivity complaints and monitor data transmission with the touch of a button.


Multi-tenancy options allows your enterprise customers access to their own data and usage information through separate “virtual applications” based on levels of permissions granted by user or group.

Signalling Providers and Signalling Hubs

Signalling is your business — at least know what you’re doing. We have provided many Tier 1 signalling hubs with the capability to control and secure their signalling.

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