Threat Intelligence Database

A global view of telecoms threats, analysed by umlaut and Cellusys signalling experts.

  • See security threats from across the Cellusys Deployment Base
  • Receive security rulesets based on new or evolving attacks from across the globe
  • umlaut and Cellusys continually analyse global telecoms traffic to identify new and emerging threats to stay ahead of attackers

Cellusys & umlaut | A full 360° view of security

Penetration testing via intaas

Independent. Continuious. Easy to setup.
Cloud-based service to test interconnection on demand.

Proactive and repeated penetration testing helps ensure network is protected at all times

Prevention and detection

Cellusys Managed Services Team continually analyst traffic for new attack vectors

New attack vectors fed back into umlaut inters to be reproduced.

Threat Intelligence 

All customers alerted as soon as a new attack vector is discovered.

Multiple Sources

New threats are identified by constant intaas tests
and reports of attack by intaas customers.
Also by GSMA knowledge base

SIP & 5G

Intaas is constantly improving test cases with
next generation of attacks coming via SIP and
HTTP/PRINS for 5G Stand-Alone

No New Fees

The GSMA’s FS.11 has categorized GSM MAP messages according to where an operator can expect to observe them. SS7 Firewall screens all three categories of SS7 messages.

Constant Testing

Independently and transparently test new mitigation
strategies on the Cellusys products
(on deployed customer premises)

Threat Overview Report

Global view of live signalling attacks

Message counts from
country/networks source

Breakdown of threats
occuring at each MNO

Breakdown of message protocol
and message type

Breakdown by GSMA standard


Anonymised aggregated data fetched
from Cellusys Global Deployment Base

Source nodes of attacks identified
and classified in terms of severity

Includes traffic and threats per country and network. Threats are aggregated across protocols

Reports can be filtered
by MNO or subset of MNOs

Reports provide an aggregated view


Reports are constructed from Cellusys and umlaut databases

Message counts from
country/networks source

Threat Severity

Threat Type, Description, and Corresponding Rule

Threat Mitigation Recommendations

How can umlaut and Cellusys secure your network?

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