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Managed Service

Doesn’t your team have better things to do?

Managed services free up your own people to focus on bigger ideas and leave the day-to-day management to our experts.

Best In Class

Let us handle the operation and maintenance of your Cellusys products and achieve best in class network quality with the help of a dedicated project manager and operations team.

Well Informed

We’ll make sure you don’t miss a beat by providing your team with customised, transparent reporting tailored for the business and security needs of your network.


A managed service can help take the pressure off managing difficult transitions and accessing the skilled resources required in a complex communications world. Outsourcing firewall management also reduces human resources and training costs. Depending on the needs of your network, you can achieve predictable monthly costs or convert Opex costs to Capex costs.


  • 24-7 system monitoring and technical support
  • Extensive monitoring on high traffic occasions
  • End-to-end resolution of complaints received from NOC


  • Configuration management and provisioning
  • Preventative system maintenance
  • Backup and archiving


  • Performance reports of system and application
  • Propose action plan for improving network performance
  • Hardware and software upgrades

Security as a Managed Service

Hackers and bad actors are constantly looking for new ways to defeat or circumvent existing firewall practices. Stay a step ahead by letting our team of experts manage your signalling security to ensure your network and subscribers benefit from best in class protection from DoS, location tracking, eavesdropping (man in the middle), spam and other fraud and attacks over signalling protocols.

Operation and Maintenance

Cellusys will monitor and maintain security standards for all interconnect traffic terminating on the customer network by investigating challenges and events and implementing rulesets based on: 

  • GSMA guidelines and known threats (FS.11, FS.19 FS.20, etc.)
  • Exceptions requested by customer
  • Specified whitelisting rules 
  • Network-specific challenges 
  • Updated industry recommendations ex: GSMA Fraud and Security Group
  • Reported or discovered fraud cases


All modules of the Protect Unified Signalling Firewall including SS7, Diameter, SIP, and GTP can be monitored, maintained, and tested remotely by our team, offering immediate reaction to emerging threats.


Receive customised daily or weekly reports via email to understand network traffic trends and abnormalities. Benefit from valuable insight such as count of messages allowed, dropped, and modified as well as customised metrics and KPIs based on a broad set of available signalling parameter data. Utilize accurate data on the source and methodology of attempted attacks.


With necessary authorisation, a full cross-protocol analysis (penetration test) of your network will be performed regularly by simulating attacks on the network using a variety of industry techniques utilized by attackers. 

Intercepting these messages on the firewall exposes any potential information leakage or weaknesses in the current ruleset. If new security threats are discovered as the result of testing, corrective actions will be taken to safeguard against newly discovered security vulnerabilities.

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Security as a Managed Service

A2P Monetisation Service

SMS fraud is a billion dollar industry, and still only around half of mobile operators have countermeasures in place to stop illegitimate A2P transmission and spam. Termination of A2P traffic over unapproved (grey) routes is zapping profits, even though the solution is simple.


Managed service of SMS Firewall provides a complete A2P monetisation and SMS security strategy. This strategy delivers a structured approach to detecting and blocking A2P SMS messages arriving into the network over grey routes, as well as spam and other SMS threats.

Our experts monitor traffic in real-time and respond to detected events immediately as well as adjusting policies based on ad hoc requests and market intelligence.

The accurate data provided through reporting of the classification and breakdown of volumes and senders allows you to make better agreements with sending enterprises.


The SMS firewall directly intercepts ESME SMPP links as well as analysing all SS7-based SMS traffic. This includes all on-net and off-net messages. SMS firewall includes SMS analysis and SMS home router modules.

SMS analysis provides signature detection through analysis of SMS content and composition which allows for both automatic and manual classification of messages. SMS home router centralises SMS traffic and permits the delivery of SMS by external networks while hiding subscriber locations and identities.

A2P Management

A2P Grey Route Analysis is achieved by monitoring and classifying all SMS traffic terminating in the network. First it is categorised into P2P and A2P traffic, then classified by sender application or wholesale partner. Dynamic SMS message content is also identified through analysis. This information is used by the rules engine to take appropriate action.

A2P Grey Route Obstruction is achieved by working closely with the customer in order to define policy by which white and black lists are configured accurately and updated correctly.

In order to define filtering rules, the firewall will run a monitoring phase to gather necessary network traffic data. From there the traffic is tagged and a full report developed. With this information, consensus can be reached as to what is considered illegitimate traffic. Using these baselines, our sales team performs a market assessment based on traffic and appropriate market rates. If the applied pricing on terminating A2P SMS are not coherent with the current market rates, this is reflected in revenue leakage reports which are sent accordingly.

SMS Security

The SMS firewall provides real-time monitoring and threat detection over SMPP protocol. Our team provides original configuration and updates to the SMS security ruleset based on current GSMA regulations, interpretation of analytics data, and identification of spam and other events or attacks.


Receive customised daily or weekly reports via email to understand network traffic trends and abnormalities. Benefit from valuable insight such as count of A2P and P2P messages allowed, dropped, and modified, as well as customised metrics and KPIs based on a broad set of available signalling parameter data.

Other useful data reported may include:

  • Total A2P Traffic (National & International)
  • Allowed & Blocked A2P traffic
  • A2P traffic by Sender ID 
  • A2P traffic by brand
  • New rules implemented during the month and its impact in traffic trends
  • Evolution of volumes
  • Traffic collection
  • Forecast for the coming month
  • Source and type of SMS attacks attempted


We employ the best in class SMS testing platform to perform regular SMS penetration testing using a variety of industry techniques utilized by attackers. This platform ensures that any SMS terminated in the network will be reported upon accurately. This testing can determine the final sender ID that was used, whether or not a message terminated successfully, and what market rate was used to deliver the message.

Intercepting these SMS messages on the firewall exposes any new grey routes or security threats so corrective actions can be taken to block these newly discovered routes or safeguard against newly discovered security vulnerabilities.

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A2P Monetisation Service