SS7 Firewall - Diameter, SigTran

The Cellusys Signalling Firewall joins multiple protocols into a single platform providing a central point for implementing network signaling security procedures. Signalling Firewall’s unique 4-tiered design includes:
Message Screening – Any Protocol, Any Layer, Any Message and Any Diameter Attribute Value Pair (AVP)
Contextual Awareness – Provides a powerful tool in determining whether otherwise valid messages are a threat to the network or subscribers based on their context.
Near Real-time Streaming analysis – Allows user defined triggers (GTT, Network, etc.) to be used to define a category for scoring. The resultant score is sent to message screening rules to affect incoming messages.
Reporting – flexible reporting enables the definition of metrics, thresholds for alerting and the publishing or reports based on these criteria.

Benefits for you, the mobile operator

  • Operators are able to detect threats and prevent attacks of each of the 5 critical types: Tracking, Intercept, DoS, Fraud, Spam
  • Multiple rules for powerful policy enforcement. The firewall is able to execute complex tasks, with inbuilt Signalling Intelligence
  • Full control over the network signalling protocols:
    • SS7 MTP3 through MAP
    • Diameter — all messages, all Attribute Value Pairs (AVPs)
  • Fine-grained filtering, which enables operators to guard against signalling attacks while allowing valid messaging into the network
  • Detailed reporting and alerting of issues
  • Flexible pipeline architecture, enabling new modules to be quickly deployed in response to newly arising threats
  • TCAP De-duplication module detects and removes looping messages
  • Protection of subscribers’ IMSIs. SMS Router returns fake/masked details for IMSI/MSC addresses when external entities are querying for subscriber information
  • SMS Router verifies roaming subscriber’s location before accepting messages from that location