LTE Steering & 3G Steering | Steering of Roaming

Cellusys Steering of Roaming incorporates an extensive rules engine, which when coupled with its advanced reporting and analytics capabilities ensures:
•    Subscribers are routed to the optimum network
•    Subscribers Quality of Experience is at the highest level
•    The development and enforcement of policies to meet any operator or subscriber group requirements.
•    The network operator has real-time visibility to all roaming conditions and activity
Standards: GSMA IR.73, 3GPP TS 29.272

Benefits for you, the mobile operator

  • Pioneering technology: with Cellusys, your network can take a market-leading position in deployment of LTE roaming.
  • Flexibility to configure white and black lists: easily customise for particular requirements of subscriber segments.
  • Guaranteed Optimal Update Location (UL): success rate in preferred networks.
  • Highest quality and near-seamless service: Helps you differentiate your network and gain more loyalty.
  • Easily diagnose subscriber issues: Simply enter their subscriber’s id, and return a full history of messages from one central database.
  • Avoid revenue leakage: With our powerful tools, operators avoid revenue leakage from partner network obligations.
  • Fully Integrated Solution Across Access Technologies: Our steering of roaming system consolidates the data across 2G/3G/4G access, and decisions are taken based on all of this data. This allows you to handle specific use cases such as Circuit Switched Fallback which is widely used during the transition to LTE.
  • Intuitive system: provides operators a clear view over the entire field of communications. Non-technical managers can also log in, and easily review reports.
  • Big Data technology: Cellusys systems use the latest Big Data technologies for near-realtime analytics in tracking patterns of usage and behaviours of subscribers – which means reliable data sources for segmentation.
  • Meet targets on the basis of traffic: Route subscribers on a profile criteria basis and achieve usage related targets more efficiently.