IoT Roaming Control

Roaming Control is a Steering of Roaming solution for IoT networks. By combining an extensive rules engine with advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, you are able to control the cost of outbound IoT devices and steer devices to the optimum network while delivering seamless global connectivity. Control your roaming wholesale IoT costs and improve subscriber experience with precision control over outbound roaming devices.

Every Network

Fully integrated across access technologies 2G, 3G, and 4G, Roaming Control supports roamers on SS7 and LTE/EPC Diameter networks. Rules are developed independently of the underlying protocol, thus reducing the complex changes required to support roaming devices on different technologies.


Powerful analytics give you real-time visibility of all roaming conditions and activity.

The latest Big Data technologies are used for near-real time analytics in tracking patterns of usage and behaviours of subscribers which means reliable data sources for segmentation.

Guaranteed optimal Update Location (UL) and the identification of fake update locations ensures subscribers are routed to the optimum network with precision.


The intuitive GUI allows administrators to easily configure white and black lists and customise rules for different segments.

Equipped with powerful (yet agile) reporting and alerting features, you can be sure to have the most accurate information about your network traffic at your fingertips.

Everyone on your team can be granted appropriate access levels and customise reports to suit their individual needs (no matter their level of technical expertise).

Easily set alerts or publish reports as broad as outbound traffic or drill down to troubleshoot roaming complaints with the touch of a button.


Compliant with GSMA IR.73

Compliant with GSMA IR.73

GSMA’s Steering of Roaming Implementation Guidelines, IR.73 defines guidelines which provide cooperative requirements between networks when SoR is employed. It also provides technical requirements for minimal impact on the visited network’s SS7 and Diameter links. Version 1.0 was released June 2005, then Versions 2.0 and 3.0 in 2006, and Version 4.0 in October 2014.

Standards: GSMA IR.73, 3GPP TS 29.272

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