IoT Analytics

IoT Analytics is a subset of the full capabilities of Insight Analytics adapted for IoT networks or MNOs in need of IoT-specific solutions. This powerful tool is a service payload analyser which allows you to visualise, analyse, and understand IoT traffic, both from your own IoT devices or IoT devices visiting your network.

Real-time insights into IoT signalling and data patterns allows you to

  • Monitor quality
  • Analyse overall traffic
  • Locate and troubleshoot data delivery faults
  • Identify malicious devices
  • Verify data volumes for billing
  • Understand IoT device signalling costs
  • Better negotiate fees 

Traffic and usage

Identify inbound IoT traffic. Know which type and how many devices are roaming on your network. See usage patterns and geographic locations of roaming and your enterprise customers’ devices. View active subscribers by IMSI range or other parameters, and publish reports on actual data used within any given time period.


Understand and check service expectations of mission critical IoT devices as well as data quality and transactions sent and received by each individual IoT device. Locate and analyze data delivery faults distribution. Troubleshoot connection problems by enterprises, device, or location.


See communication endpoints by each device, class, etc. Identify unwanted traffic, malicious devices, and suspicious traffic patterns. Detect illegal devices and illegal SIM swaps in your M2M network.


IoT analytics supports multi-tenancy features to give your enterprise partners and customers access and visibility to their own fleets of IoT devices through custom dashboards, alerts, and reports. The platform can be integrated into existing subscriber interfaces or function as a passive probe that sends data to other systems in use.

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