SMS Parental Control protects children from SMS threats

Parent subscribers set policies within their family’s account As an example, a parent might configure their child’s phone to prevent the child from sending or receiving SMS during school hours and during the night – perhaps 10pm to 6 am. Standards: GSMA IR.73, 3GPP TS 29.272

Benefits for you, the mobile operator

  • Parent subscribers are able to easily control and limit their children’s messaging by quantity, time, and day of the week. Configuration enables deferring or deleting of ‘out of hours’ messages.
  • Quantity-limits enable a parent to limit the number of messages a child sends and receives per day, week, or month.


  • Blacklists and whitelists can be created. The blacklist: Specific numbers are blocked – no messages can be sent to or received from blacklisted numbers. The whitelist: the child can send messages to and receive messages from whitelisted numbers regardless of other restrictions. On the whitelist might be parents and emergency contacts.

Find out how the Cellusys SMS Parental Control solution can help parents:

  • Limit quantity, and time of texting
  • Create whitelist so a child can receive messages regardless of restrictions.
  • Create a blacklist so no messages can be sent or received from a number or set of numbers.

Protecting children when they’re using mobile devices, is a major issue for parents. Many parents describe themselves as worried about this issue, and they feel strongly about the need to have some control over how their children use their mobiles. Who is their child texting? Who is texting them?

There are increased fears of bullying and of unwanted messages from strangers and parents would consider changing their network provider if doing so would give them parental controls.

Cellusys SMS Parental Control provides parents the controls necessary to protect their children!