Roam Welcome SMS Message for inbound and outbound roamers

Cellusys Roam Welcome can be used to provide inbound or outbound roamers with a variety of information including:
– Welcome Message
– Mobile Roaming Costs
– Information about weather, currency, etc.
– Tourist Information
– Advertisements
Each of these messages or message types can be used to encourage handset usage, provide a better roaming experience, over come “Fear of Bill Shock” and ultimately increase roaming revenues.
Standards: GSMA IR.73, 3GPP TS 29.272

Benefits for you, the mobile operator

  • Increase outbound roaming revenue – counter fear of bill-shock: Info on service rates for SMS, calls, and data can be relayed to roamers – without this knowledge, many roamers avoid using their handsets, fearful of the costs – or they buy a local SIM. With the info, they use their devices more – which means more revenue for your network.
  • Increase inbound roaming revenue: Tell Roamers about special rates; tell them how much cheaper your service is than national rivals. Tell them of value-add services (like the Cellusys Local Roaming Number) – generate favour towards your network; make it the familiar option; encourage them to retain you.
  • Look after your subscribers – and they’ll be more loyal: Many people do not welcome non-personal messages. But when they’re away from home, they’ll regard tourist information as handy – info on currency exchange rates; weather; taxis; local info; tariff info; embassy, emergency, and service numbers.
  • Decrease subscriber churn: Where a national rival better serves subscribers, more subscribers jump ship – to that other network. Frequent travellers are among your most valuable subscribers – these are the people most impacted by a Roam Welcome service, or lack of that service; and they’re among the most likely to take action – to jump to the rival network.
  • Negotiate better roaming rates: when you give your outbound roamers a better service, the more your outbound roamers use their roaming service, and the more valuable your network is to prospective roaming partners. Increase roamers’ usage, and you increase your potential to negotiate better rates.
  • Strengthen your brand: When you’re communicating your brand in the context of information that’s useful, and that helps take care of your subscribers, you’re reinforcing the most positive feelings towards your network’s brand.
  • Tertiary revenue: When people are in an unfamiliar environment, they’ll often appreciate relevant advertising of useful services. Encourage spending on promotions / other services outside of network usage by sending SMS ads and SMS promotional competitions to roamers.