Roamflow - Cellusys

An intelligent database, to manage roaming partner documents. (e.g. AA12, AA14, IR21)
Import documents to your database, and automatically tally contacts, IOTs, SIM data, and network info from roaming partners.
Automated workflow management, with guidance on next tasks. Automated communication between modules.
Dashboard displaying high-level information on opening progress.
Roamflow is compliant with IREG standards and TADIG processes.

Benefits for you, the mobile operator

  • Automates daily tasks
  • Shared application, enabling several staff to view
  • Global view over work progress
  • Modular, and user-friendly
  • Key tasks display as they need doing
  • Monitors the testing process
  • Facilitates IREG and TADIG testing
  • Storage of / easy access to SIM card data
  • Tracks physical SIM cards
  • Stores and catalogues roaming documents, for easy access
  • Stores and catalogues HOME/RP roaming documents
  • Frees up staff time for high-value tasks, such as negotiations
  • Minimise human error