Prepaid Roaming Management | Prepaid SMS Roaming

Cellusys Prepaid Roaming solution allows the exchange of prepaid SMS charging information between operators even if one of the operators have not implemented CAMEL phase 3 protocol. Cellusys Prepaid SMS Roaming is a universal system based on GSMA IR.73, 3GPP TS 29.272

Benefits for you, the mobile operator

  • Operates independently of CAMEL Phase 3.
  • Mobile operators are able to deduct credit from subscribers’ accounts each time they send an SMS while roaming.
  • A low-balance notification can be sent to subscribers when they need to top up.
  • The system prevents subscribers from sending SMS when they have no credit.

Find out how the Cellusys Anti-Steering Detection solution can help you:

  • Maximize your Roaming Revenues
  • Increase your Subscriber Satisfaction
  • Renegotiate more favorable roaming contracts

Cellusys Prepaid SMS Roaming provides mobile operators with the ability to charge the roaming subscribers from their credit accounts every time they send an SMS. Prepaid SMS Roaming works independently of CAMEL Phase 3. A low balance message can be sent to notify subscribers it is time to top up their credit. The system will prevent subscribers from sending an SMS when their account balance reaches empty.